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  1. Hi there.I had a similar problem just yesterday. This one involving Ultimate traffic and MyTrafficX. I installed UT and did not like it, uninstalled it again and went back to MT. And suddenly NO AC at all. After fumbling around with the faq, I sudenly had NO terrain textures at all. All was black. What helped me,to go back to where all was fine (without installing FSX all over again) was to uninstall SP2 and then install it again. After the first start FSX would tell me an ERROR in some DAT file (can
  2. Thanks to everybody for the enlightment.I kind of suspected it would be like that.O well, since obviously there is no problem with activation, I will install it on both.Thanks againJ
  3. Hello everybody. I am fairly new to this.I have been reading enough on this great forum to start thinking about installing FSX. Currently I am still on FS9, but I have everything together (FSX,SP1,..).My question is: since I have a dual boot-system, I would like to know, if I can install FSX, say in XP and be able to run it from within VISTA. Or the other way around. If I install it on VISTA, can I run from XP? I post this question because I really don
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