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  1. The new release version is now downloadable -apparently there was a server error which caused the old version to be downloaded
  2. Hi guysYou might want to check this out. Just downloaded and it looks well worthwhilehttp://www.cpinf.com/downloads/super_fligh...andidate_3.html
  3. Thanks Pookie,This is a great mission - and I loved landing alongside the A380. More of the same please! As an Aussie, I found it very educational as to the geography/landmarks of this part of the world. Two great missions, and I'm sure that like me, many people will be waiting for the next one!Thanks againjaje
  4. ####!! Wish I'd read this a day or so ago. FSX suddenly refused to load at all, and since it was immediately after a crash landing while using the recently installed Vicplus scenery ( which is fabulous btw), I assumed it was something to do with the add-on scenery, which I uninstalled, but to no effect. So a complete clean reinstall later, still wouldn't load. Then I read this (too late!)ran the logbook cleaner, and all was immediately fine again. Suppose that'll teach me not to make rash assumptions.jaje
  5. Just flew the mission and enjoyed it thoroughly. Had no problems with the mission crashing. One minor problem on landing at Santa Monica, somehow having returned to the runway while searching for the Control Tower I got instructions to take off, climb and maintain etc. It was only on completing the mission that I realised I hadn't collected the passenger. No big problem. Please continue the good work - I'm sure there are lots of simmers who are going to love this sort of mission.Well done!jaje
  6. Thanks for the info re disabling Javascript in Firefox - I've been trying to download a file for over a week now, without success. After disabling Javascript the file downloaded immediately. Thanks againjaje
  7. Thanks -found it in Start menu. Now I'll need a couple of years to read it!jaje
  8. A simple question - I've downloaded the iFly 747 FSX and although I love it, I'd like to study some of the manual (300+ pages?). Trouble is, I can't find it anywhere. Any ideas?jaje
  9. Just by experimenting - trial and error and looking closely at the flight deck. Jaje
  10. A321 the Nav/GPS button is on the left of the console, just below the windshield. Normally it is illuminated red with NAV displayed. Click on it to change to GPS. The activating button is marked LOC, just below the CRS changer dialOn the Boeing 737 the Nav/GPS switch is between the speed and heading indicator windows, and is turned on using the VORLOC button between the heading and altitude windowsOn the 747,GPS/NAV mode switch is the middle switch just above the Horizontal Indicator display, and is turned on by using the NAV button in between the IASMACH selector window and the Heading selector window.Hope this helpsJaje
  11. Just picked up the new hardware and I love itCore Duo E6750 2.66 GHz 4 MbGigabyte GA-P35-S32Gb Kingston 667Mhz DDR2 RAMNvidia Ge-Force NX86S256H 320Gb Seagate SATA2 Hard Drive 7200RPMFSX really flies - I consistently get a minimum of 35FPS with sliders hard to the right. Now I can see the virtues of the program without waiting for frames to load!Thanks for the suggestionsJaje
  12. Thanks guysThink I'll wait until after July 22 and check if the price cuts are reflected here in Australia. I'm certainly going to go for the 8800GTSCan't wait to get the new system - will keep you informed of my reactions!Jaje
  13. Hi guysHave been using FS2002 in the distant past on my old machine Intel P4 2.4 with 512Mb SDRAM, shared video on Gigabyte 8LS533 (Yeah, I know).Having recently retired, the grandkids have presented me with FSX to help fill in the days, and although it runs (sort of) at 5-8 FPS, it's obvious I need a new machine.A local store is currently offering a system which seems reasonable: C2 Duo 6600 or C2D6700 for $120 Australian more2G DDR2 800MHZ Ram256M 8600GT PCI Express or Gigabyte 8800 GTS for $250 Australian moreQuestion therefore is1 Will this machine run FSX at a reasonable FPS?2 Should I take the optional better processor and video card?Thanks for any offeringsJaje
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