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  1. RIP Jim, you were always a helpful man. We were good friend since 2009. I was so shock to hear the late news when I log in to AVSIM after I decided to go back to FS community since the new simulator just released. My sincere condolences to your family. Jimmy from Hawaii
  2. Hi,

    I have exactly the same problem, are you able to resolve it?



  3. I lost all water and was replaced by jungle instead, what I did was total uninstall UTX and reinstall again, and so far it solved the problemJimmy
  4. Hi Manny,Very nice scenery, excellent work.I have some real pictures of Kaneohe and PHNG looking down from a mountain.Jimmy
  5. >>Based on all the positive feedback... I am thinking of doing >Kaneohe Bay area. It may not be as big as this one..but I>like landing in that airport. So thats my next target...for>now.>Hi Manny,I'm looking forward to see the Kaneohe Bay.Keep up the good work.You can download Waikiki scenery that work with Mega Hawaii FSX ( they have Vegas too) from this site:http://fs-x.world.coocan.jp/index.htmNote: cancel language packJimmy
  6. Hi , I use 16X AF with no autogen, 8800GTX SLI,169.25, even I have 14.6 FPS at KLAX but it still flyable , in return I got no blurries, I still use SP1, Dell 30" really help with resolution 2560X1600,because of 150k limitation the picture is not as good as the original snap shot.Jimmy
  7. Hi,Does the FSX version have Cheyenne IA F-GHJR texture?So far I'm quite happy with the FS9 version installed on FSX in Vista, the airplane texture is excellent inside and outside. Is there a big improvement? I'm not worry about the price but still undecided to install the SP2 .Best regardsJimmy
  8. Hi Arno,I'm able to see the objects now, by moving the addon scenery a few levels up (on the library setting)Thank you for your helpJimmy
  9. On my old computer , after I compiled my XML file with the BGL Compiler SDK, it became a BGL file, I put that BGL file in the ADDon Scenery Scenery folder, activate it and I got all the addon objectsin FSX.I thought bringing that BGL file to the same directory on a new computer will allow me to see the same addon objects, but they did not show up.Best regardsJimmy
  10. Dear friends,Transfering a BGL file to the same directory on another computer and activate the scenery won't help. The new computer has the SDK SP1 installed. What is the proper procedure to transfer a scenery object file?Jimmy
  11. Hi Ron,What is the status of Citation X for FSX?Jimmy
  12. Hi,Installation is successfull, I have Vista home, Nvidia 8800GTX SLI,4gig ram, Q6700 .After installing X graphics, I just use default theme and get this type of greyish sky texture (attachment enclosed), Tried with different themes: same thing, change the time and season: same thing.Revert back to original FSX: looks even better Please helpJimmy
  13. Hi,Can you encourage us by attaching a few sample screenshots.Best regardsJimmy
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