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  1. Hey everyone, I've been off the forums for years now and just recently decided to get back into the simulation world as I joined flight school and just this week finished my private with 50 hours! I'm super excited about that and on the long road to CFII and MEI! Anyways, I have had the same PC for years now, dating back to 2010. I was always limited by performance and it seemed to be that I had a integrated graphics card on board my Dell Inspiron 580. It has 6 GB of ram 1333MHz and a I3-530 at 2.93GHz. Now, just recently I upgraded my GPU to the best thing I could get (to my knowledge) without upgrading the PSU; the AMD Radeon 7750. Best 50 bucks i've ever spent. Anyway, getting to the saucy details... So I fiddled with the settings, endlessly... Read every guide I could find, did my own testing for about a month now with endless frustration... So I finally decided to reformat my PC, re-install only the essentials for Flight Simulator X, with my few addons, etc and kept my settings nearly factory on the AMD control panel. I tried overclocking the GPU, which ultimately made things more unstable, even if I could sustain the system without a crash. With everyone's opinions about tweaking the FSX config and all, I tried all that, and MY personal experience was that they were utterly useless; for the most part. FSX Configuration file: HIGHMEMFIX=1 WideViewAspect=True FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=.44 TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=40 LOD_RADIUS=4.500000 (Might bump it up to 6.500000) I'll go ahead and post my settings so everyone can see. As of now, 60 FPS locked seems to work very very smooth, almost always locked at around 59-60. Keep in mind I do not have a SSD, I simply have FSX installed in the default x86 Program Files location... Even then, texture loading seems to be no problem with the Fiber Fraction tweak. Below are some screenshots for your use. Disclaimer: Results will vary As we can see, I could bump up some settings here and there but this was just an example as to what we're getting as of now. Addons here are GEX UTX FSG2010 REX clouds and FSGRW. Obviously this is a default aircraft but the PMDG 737NGX was pulling roughly the same in the VC, just a tad lower, and the same 59-60 external view.
  2. Check your FMC and see if you have any failures.
  3. And what about for other companies like Flight Sim Labs, and LevelD?
  4. Hey everyone, I just reformatted my computer and soon realized that I forgot to back-up all my add-on exe's to download them again after reformatting, so will I now have to pay PMDG to give me a download link for the 744, 748, and the 738/9?
  5. Good thoughts but George's idea is a lot better since I get to choose the AIRAC on Vroute for free and it all works out perfectly.
  6. I just had the same thing happen to me. PFD was showing Single CH the whole way down and then if I remember correctly, it just dissapeared... After reading this thread, and Fred's wiki post, I saw that it IS possible but not legal I guess?
  7. I understand that I can't import runways, STARS & SIDS, but either way i'll have to do it manually then I guess. Oh and I also use Radar Contact, so how would I go about for that?
  8. Hello everyone and merry Christmas!I ran into a problem today while trying to take this flight plan here: http://flightaware.com/live/flight/AAL858/history/20111224/1155Z/KTPA/KMIA into a PMDG rte file that I can save and use as a COROUTE. I usually use simroutes.com as a middle-man to make the rte. file for me but since their AIRAC is 600 something, and this specific DEP SID and ARR STAR aren't on their site to generate a route, I can't quite figure out how to make the route from flightaware which I posted above, into a usable COROUTE for the 737...So, does anyone have any ideas? Or will I have to manually enter the route?
  9. Thank you very much guys! This truely just keeps getting better and better. Still need to get the cash to buy the 6/700. =P
  10. Hello everyone. I have been busy lately and I basically quit FSX for a while and now that I have come back, I got everything set up for a flight from KJFK-KMIA and after takeoff, I get told to watch my altitude and that my assigned altitude is and then it just stutters/freezes and doesn't say anything so I don't know what it is!Basically, I forgot to write down what was told to me at clearance but either way it shouldn't freeze up like that. Does anyone know how to fix this or why it happens? Pretty sure I fixed it before but it's been so long now and I forgot how I got it to work...
  11. Couple more for those who liked him :)
  12. I just thought i'd share. We need more people like him hehe
  13. Fixed it by ticking "run as admin"
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