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  1. Good Greif! could it be that simple. I will try it out.Thanks :-)
  2. I am missing something here as the auto tune will not work for any ILS landing. The FMC shows the freq and heading with the word parked next to it, but never actually tunes into it! The only way I have been able to do an ILS landing is when i manualy enter the freq next to the MCP.Can anyone give some advice as to why it is not tuning and working as per the manual.Cheers,
  3. Will this cause any problems with FS2 Crew?? I use the PMDG 737 800 and the PMDG 747-400 with their respective versions of Fs2 Crew in fs9.Would love to have passenger interaction if possible !Thanks
  4. Hi,is the file location the same in as6 for FS9? As I also do not have a net connection at home and this has been the only reason I have not yet purchased your product.
  5. Human Error, I had presumed that ticking the box on the options screen meant the comms would be automaticaly transfered to co-pilot. I used the key combo instead and it all worked!Thanks for the help and long haul is pretty sweet :-)Mark
  6. I thought so too, as I presumed that RC would be automaticaly tuning in to requested frequencies like fs atc does. Could it be anything to do with PMDG aircraft that I use?? I will generate a log and email it to you.Thanks,Mark
  7. Just to let everyone know, it appears that the screenshot is the way pmdg re-titles the screens. There are two seperate keyboard files still and they will react to the individual setups.No problems and everything is working fine. Panic over !!Mark
  8. Has anyone had any problems about being handed off to another centre controler? I left everything on auto but rc4 did not tune into a new frequency, only acknowledged the request to do so. have i missed another setting??Mark
  9. Hi Bryan,I dont know is the simple answer !I can tell you that both products are fully up to date, v1.1 i think it is for both aircraft. I also have the patch for the 737 fscrew and the update for 747.I think thats everything so far. The thing that got me was on the pmdg options menu you have the key assignment screen. This now says 737/747 as I have both products installed.I dont know if you have both these aircraft installed together on a test system, so have tried to attach a screenshot.Kind Regards,Markhttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/178141.jpg
  10. Title pretty much sums it up !I am just worried about the autopilot key assignments. 737 wants A and tab+a but aparently 747 wants ctrl tab d & m for its cmd buttons.How to I use both without having nasty conflicts ???apart from that everything is running really well :-)Mark
  11. You were right ! everything now working, however can you explain when to use the improved climb option on the departure briefing page. I couldnt find an explanation in the manual. I know the bleeds may need to be switched off at high altitude, but the climb option has me confused.Regards,Mark
  12. Hi, I have used pmdg737 version for a while, recently got the pmdg 747 version and upgraded it to latest patch.However, now 737 version is crashing fs9. Any ideas??Mark
  13. I have fs2002 and wondered if the default version of fs2crew would work ok?
  14. Will the new frequency then be saved for future flights, as a few of the ils frqs on my fmc are different from fs9 and they dont work!
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