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  1. hi my internet keeps crashing, there doing some work out this way, i can't really tell what your looking at with your pics, but have a good ideal of what your talking about, i will see if i can come up with something, if i can get the net up and running good again, james wyatt
  2. can you put up a screen shot, then maybe i can help you more. on and what nvidia card do you have? james wyatt
  3. did you defrag your drive, well i use per nick from flight1 o&o defrag fellow this link and you will get great inprovementhttp://www.simforums.com/forums/setting-up-fsx-and-how-to-tune-it_topic29041.html yes i did add all my payware back and service packs, defrag your fsx harddrive, same as above o&o defrag is the best, http://www.simforums.com/forums/setting-up-fsx-and-how-to-tune-it_topic29041.htmland just to prove it here are some screen shots both dx 9 and 10. the yellow fps is fraps which is wrong, but you can see some of the evga precision in pink lol. james wyatt the rest is dx9. i am getting around denver avg 130 fps with dx 10 and about 70 with dx 9
  4. ok after you uninstall the drivers, do not reboot yet, on your c drive should be your programs files (x86) folder click it, then find this folder, delete the folder (nvidia corporation) also just on the c drive there is a folder called (nvidia) delete this also this is where the drivers are, reboot in safe mode, use driver sweeper, then reboot in windows, and install your new driver, thats it, i put another post just up top, read it. james wyatt
  5. never mind guys got it working jus had to reboot thanks anyway and thanks for a great plane
  6. yes i uninstalled everything and and installed the new updated one pmg 744x, every thing loaded just fine.the air speed is not working at all and the plane just flips in the air , and once again i uninstalled every thing and empty the folder in the fsx folder.james
  7. if you have already installed the fsx 744x, then how do you install the update for fs9? thanksjames
  8. i just got the 747 fsx, well this is one sweet #### plane, wow you have done a great job with this one i am still new with using the fmc and i got to say wow again you have made it so easy to program. my frist flight was kden to klas and i just put in what i know about using it, and dam it picked up the ils that i put in amazing, and i am using cargo pilot with it and now fsx is something i can play on alot thanks for all your hard work. one thing? how do i get the tasc to come on, thanks againjames
  9. hey bryan sorry to take so much of your time but i am really new to this stuff, and i want to learn this stuff lol, but any way is there a toturial on how to use the routes you download, i am lost and there was nothing on simroutes site saying how to use them, well thanks again for your helpjames
  10. how do you get the co route to put in the fmc i did the toturial, but now i am trying to fly from klas to kden help pls and thanksjames
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