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  1. No, this is normal. While a VOR produces a lateral bearing in omni(many)directions and your VOR instrument can be adjusted to a desired bearing, an ILS produces one lateral bearing. In airplanes there isn't an instrument dedicated to the ILS - you use your VOR. There are, however, VOR instruments that only have a localizer needle and not a glidseslope needle, meaning that they could only be used for a non-precision localizer approach with no vertical guidance.
  2. Carb heat has nothing to do with visible moisture, actually. Even a small percentage of moisture in dry air can condense in a venturi in a carburetor. I will readily admit I haven't read the POH for the DC6, but in the C150 I fly any time the RPM is outside of the green arc, carb heat is necessary. This is effectively any time you are on the ground and when you are on your descent and approach. Just my two cents.
  3. No kidding - when I saw the fading I thought, no way did they model hypoxia, but sure enough - they did! Obviously the remedy is to descend or turn on oxygen, but since autopilot is on and you can't see anything to change the autopilot, that is a difficult task! If you leave the F9 button pushed on you get a glimpse of the cockpit and can toggle between F9 and scrolling around the view until you can see what you need to push. Leave F9 pushed in and you should be able to move controls a little bit to begin a descent. I got down lower and sure enough the cockpit went normal again. Obviously this isn't how real hypoxia works - once you're out you're out, but hey, I didn't feel like exiting the sim and starting again!!
  4. Yep, just had the same problem. Easy enough, if you know to check for it!
  5. Spend my money wisely!! You earned it, as always! I haven't even downloaded it but I will already thank you for enfusing your love for this bird into the simulation. We will enjoy it for many years, and many flights to come!
  6. Just my two cents, but we need a good CRJ. They're everywhere in the real world, and no where in the sim world. The airlines in the US are pulling profits again because of (and at the expense of) the regionals. They're pivotal. And when you think about it, they're pretty awesome little planes. Just my humble opinion.
  7. Update: Uninstalling the 777 as recommended by PMDG, reinstalling, then deleting the RAAS folder in the root P3D folder allows the sim to start. Haven't tested RAAS yet, but I have a feeling it won't work.
  8. Hey Everyone - I've had a ticket open with the guys about this, but I want to see if anyone else has had the same problem. As normal, I'm at my wits end! I had everything working fantastic with my older version of P3D, and then out of nowhere I tried to open it again for my next flight and I got the BEX error. Opened the ticket, we came to the conclusion that it was time for a fresh install. So I decided to upgrade to P3D 3.2 to get the better performance, so I have been working on the fresh install today. I install P3D, everything works great. Install the 777 and now I'm getting the BEX error. Nothing else installed, so in my mind it has to be the 777? I'm out of ideas? Here's the text for the BEX error: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BEX Application Name: Prepar3D.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 56df48ce Fault Module Name: RAASPRO.dll Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 55eeb0fc Exception Offset: 00013fd8 Exception Code: c0000417 Exception Data: 00000000 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: c060 Additional Information 2: c060bb203b05c28a11d4a20d2498325a Additional Information 3: 4078 Additional Information 4: 407846c6f1d517c89132c172e2e28516 Because the fault module name is RAASPRO.dll, it really makes me think it's a RAAS problem. Previously I had installed the RAAS update while troubleshooting the 2.0 version but it didn't do anything. I think it must be a wacko unique problem because this shouldn't happen with a fresh install and a new download from PMDG. HELP! Thanks, guys!
  9. That's awesome. Props to you guys, you're doing a fantastic job! Super stoked for the 747 2.0! Hey, so question about the FMC - when you use the Load Route and it goes through the PERF uplink with the company plan and all that, is there a way to make the ZFW random other than preselecting a random number before loading the route and beginning the uplinks?
  10. Well that's not convincing enough! I wondered who you guys would be using. So do the PMDG Menu items such as aircraft hardware options, and fuel and payload selections cross over completely?
  11. Hey, you know, I'm just daydreaming and wondering if anyone is using the Flightdeck Solutions FMC with the PMDG 777 in P3D? I'm curious on some opinions of operations!
  12. I tried another flight tonight and used the MCP Speed on the slow down for flaps and it worked fantastic. Thanks for the tip, Dan!
  13. So does this override VNAV? Do you have to control altitude with the ALT Hold and VS? So many questions! I'm telling you, I am really good at setting the flight up but I would NEVER get to the landing phase!! Haha!
  14. I can see how this could cause a crash. It's easy to forget you're off VNAV. I think I need to do a better job at setting up my speeds in the FMC. Is there a way to get the plane slowed down to Vref + 5 automatically? Or is that something that you have to enter in on the legs page? That's the only reason I'm using FLCH is to get it slowed to approach speed while still following LNAV.
  15. So it's my use of the FLCH button to slow down during the descent. The annunciator on the screen says "FLCH SPD" as I'm descending down. It does go to the altitude that I have entered in the MCP, but it doesn't follow the VNAV profile. That's because I told it not to! I'm going to need to hit the manuals and read up on how to use the FLCH button in conjunction with VNAV. As is normally the case, this is a perfect example of pilot error!!
  16. I flew it a long time ago when I first got it - and I've flown STAR's hundreds of times in real life and the Sim. It won't obey the altitude restrictions at waypoints or anything. It's bizarre, but again I need to go pay more attention to it tonight and see if I can recreate it. It would completely glitch out, either flickering, or it would drag part of the screen and blur it if you moved screens, or nothing would show up at all. But I didn't change anything and installed P3D and have had zero issues. And the performance is infinitely faster than what I was doing in FSX - sliders nearly maxed out. I only need to take it easy on traffic. I am thrilled with the performance. It was getting super frustrating having a pretty decent setup and not seeing better performance.
  17. So far it has done the same thing for each approach that I've shot, so I've just disengaged and hand flown the landing. It will descend too fast, but I haven't paid enough attention to see what mode the A/T is in. I'm sure it's something I'm doing wrong. Nearly every flight I tried to finish in FSX ended in a graphic failure, despite every tweak I tried, so I rarely got to the point of landing!! So needless to say I'm great at setting the FMC up, not so much with the landing phase... Hey Dan - She's a hog and can respond like that, but no, this will be at 5,000' and dropping at 2,000 FPM. I haven't been brave enough to see if she'll level off and where, but she doesn't give much of an indication that she's going to. I'll have to play around with it tonight when I'm not trying to jeopardize a trans-pacific flight!
  18. Hey Guys - I'm finally back at it with P3D instead of FSX. I completed my first round the world without a single hitch for the first time since...well...I can't even remember how long!! Anyway, I've noticed the plane fails to maintain the VNAV profile coming down. So far it only happens while getting close to the approach, say 5,000'. It'll totally ignore the VNAV profile. Any ideas?
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