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  1. The passengers have appeared after input # of Pax on the interactive load sheet.Sincerely,Kan-ichiro Fushihara
  2. Captains,It seems that there are two ways at startup the Tutorial flight:1) According to this Startup Guide (Just after launch FSX, load 'PMDG BAe JS4100 Tutorial 1 at KHPN').2) According to the discription on page 8 of the Pilot's Tutorial.A little difference: the passengers in the cabin have disappeared in the second.Sincerely,Kan-ichiro Fushihara
  3. This is my mistake. It is necessary to load the Start Locks situation with the procedure described on the Pilot's Tutorial page 8, for example, after C172SP's MAGNETOS, BAT, ALT and Avionics switches were off. Sincerely,Kan-ichiro Fushihara
  4. Hello Dan,Thank you very much for your kind instructions.I have carefully repeated the sequence F2 - UNFEATER - F1 as you said and set Start Locks.However, I'm sorry, this Start Locks situation cannot be saved.Sincerely,Kan-ichiro Fushihara
  5. Hello Andrew,Although I have done as you instructed, after a few minutes, the propellers have been back to feathering state. Do I something incorrectly or is this normal?Sincerely,Kan-ichiro Fushihara
  6. Gentlmen,Although I had been able to meet the Aurora in the Arctic Circle of the flight EDDF - RJNN (RJNL now) on the FS2004 until a few years ago, I cannot see the Aurora on the FSX now. There are fx_Aurora1,2,3.fx and fx_aurola.bmp files in the Effects folder of the FSX as same as the FS2004. Where is the .bgl file which describes the conditions to display the Aurora? Sincerely,Kan-ichiro Fushihara
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