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  1. Very frustrated trying to install SE. Have been running FSX and acceleration for years with no problems. Installed SE and here are my problems. Re-installed EZDok and old FSX settings. Not working. I get an error message when opening SE about a missing message filter. I re-open it and it starts fine... but no "addon" tab where I can start and initiate my FSUIPC, GSX, etc. I know these are newbie questions but I'm desperate. I wish someone would do a video tutorial about adding SE to FSX. Thanks in advance for your help, Jeff Even Rocklin, CA, USA Vista Ultimate w/sp 2, AMD Phenom II X4 970, 3.5 GHz 8 GB Ram, 64 bit os, FSX, GSX, RC, REX Tex Dir & Soft clouds, ASNext, PMDG 737/47/777, A2A Cherokee 180/Comanche 250, Carenado PC-12 and more.
  2. PROBLEM SOLVED... Needed to re-download NGX and select the correct simulator... then the OC allowed me to choose steam. Working fine. Thanks all. J
  3. Having a bear of a time getting my PMDG acft into FS:SE. A forum suggested re-downloading (my original purchase was in 2013 but I paid for an extended download) because the OC may have changed. Tried to download and I get "PMDG_737_8900_NGX.ZIP.part" which won't unzip. Tried downloading several times with the same result. It would also be appreciated if someone could provide a tutorial on how to get PMDG acft installed on FSX:SE. Forum has always been helpful. Thanks, Jeff Even Rocklin, CA, USA Vista Ultimate w/sp 2, AMD Phenom II X4 970, 3.5 GHz 8 GB Ram, 64 bit os, FSX, GSX, RC, REX Tex Dir & Soft clouds, ASNext, PMDG 737/47/777, A2A Cherokee 180/Comanche 250, Carenado PC-12 and more.
  4. I do not at all find it IN ANY WAY suspicious that the captain was an FS enthusiast. Could be a valuable tool for getting familiar with approaches and departures that he didn't have real world experience with. I know myself I have "simmed" a flight before I flew it for those exact reasons.
  5. I knew I remembered a hijacking by an FS enthusiast... see below... Man Hijacks 747, Stabs Pilot Passengers of a hijacked Japanese airliner wade through a pack of reporters after leaving the plane at Tokyo's Haneda International Airport. (Leader) By Joji Sakurai Associated Press Write Friday, July 23, 1999; 9:41 a.m. EDT TOKYO (AP) -- A knife-wielding hijacker forced his way into the cockpit of a Japanese jumbo jet today, stabbed the pilot to death and then briefly flew the plane carrying more than 500 people before he was overpowered, according to officials and news reports. No one else was injured aboard the All Nippon Airways Boeing 747, flying from Tokyo to the northern city of Sapporo, Transportation Ministry officials said. The plane returned to the capital about an hour after taking off. Two minutes after takeoff, the hijacker, Yuji Nishizawa, pulled out an 8-inch knife and pressed it to a flight attendant's back, forcing her to take him into the cockpit, officials said. The 28-year-old unemployed man, a fan of computer flight-simulation games, reportedly just wanted to fly a real plane.
  6. Although most anything could be the cause of the disappearance and most things have been or will be thoroughly checked, the pilots enthusiasm for FS has me curious. First of all... I DO NOT THINK THE PILOT WAS INVOLVED, however could another FS enthusiast who was associated with the captain, either in person or online be responsible? There was a Japan Airlines flight (a 747 I believe) that was hijacked by an FS enthusiast several years ago. He thought his FS experience would allow him to sucessfully navigate and control "the real thing". He was wrong. Far fetched but should be checked out. Also I wouldn't rule out catastrophic decompression and power failure. Could the pilot have started to maneuver the aircraft back to Malaysia (FIRST... fly the airplane) and passed out with the FMC already programmed for the turn? I know there are several backups for the generator but... stuff happens.
  7. Just installed your new voice set. Works fine and great work. Much more realistic.Thanks for taking all the time.Jeff
  8. Installation problem. Downloaded all 5 files. Changed names to delete the "_part" prior to the number. Unzipped to empty folder on desktop. Renamed files again to delete the "_part". Clicked on first file and told WinZip to extract to ...program files\rc4x\winwood. Got a window asking me where to unzip part 1. Again I clicked on the "winwood" folder and it just kept asking me over and over again to do the same thing... with no results.I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but can't figure out what.Thanks for your time in creating this new voice package (I made one for RC several years ago). I'm anxious to check it out.Thanks,Jeff EvenRocklin, CA, USA
  9. Running FSX and primarily using the PMDG 747-400. Love it! Are there any other good aircraft out there that have reached the sophistication of PMDG? Working FMC, great virtual cockpit, etc. Would like to hear some of your recommendations.Thanks in advance.
  10. Still trying and still frustrated. Tried adding two liveries from AVSIM. Added texture files to aircraft/PMDG/747-400 folder. Edited aircraft.cfg file to insert to liveries. Opened FSX and... the liveries don't show up anywhere... under PMDG, under ALL, under COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT, under 2 ENGINE AIRCRAFT... no where.Doesn't make sense to me. Still looking for help.
  11. Thanks for the direction, Bill. Went to the aircraft.cfg file and found duplicate entries for all the liveries I tried to download. I got rid of them and the error messages went away.Now when I try to install a new livery it places a new .texture file in my PMDG 747-400 folder but does NOT write a new file to the aircraft.cfg file!?!I am assuming (probably wrong) that it should write a new .texture file to the PMDG 747-400 folder AND a new entry in the aircraft.cfg file. Right?Also noticed in my PMDG 747-400 file that there are separate .sound and .model files for GE, PW and RR but .texture files only for PW and RR. The other .texture file does not have a model after it. Is that right?Really appreciate the help.
  12. Looking at it again it doesn't say files are missing... it says "THERE ARE MULTIPLE OBJECTS WITH THE SAME TITLE NAME. THEY MUST HAVE UNIQUE TITLE NAMES" The next line in the error message reads, "PMDG 747-400 AIR CANADA SIMOJBECTS/AIRPLANES/PMDG 747-400". I have gone to that folder and there are NO duplicate files. I have removed all files beyond the original files and I still get the error message and no downloaded liveries. I have attached a copy of my PMDG folder within simobjects. Does anyone see any problems?Very frustrating.
  13. How do you set the virtual cockpit zoom levels so that I don't have to re-set them everytime I fly? I see that they all initialize at around zoom level 70 but I want them to open at zoom level 30. RTFM but couldn't find it.Thanks,
  14. At my wits end, guys. Have tried everything and have tried nothing (letting installer do all the work) and all I get is a "warning" notice when I start FSX that three files can't be found. I click "ok" on them and fly as normal without any problems... but also without any new liveries. As nice as the PMDG 747-400 looks, I'm getting kind of bored with just the one airline. MORE SUGGESTIONS, PLEASE....
  15. Should I be able to change the preset +45 predeparture time? I have tried but it won't change. Any suggestions.
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