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  1. Speedbird217

    Windows 10 .dll crashes?

    I was having similar issues - random PC restarts producing no crash reports. These usually occurred after about 20-40 mins into a P3Dv4 session. I checked everything I and spent time with the CTD Guide. I finally did the sfc /scannow via cmd prompt recommendation in the guide and it found a whole load of corrupt Windows files which it repaired. I'm happy to say since then I have had zero crashes. Maybe this is related or not but potentially worth checking as part of your ongoing investigation. Good luck! Speedbird217
  2. Speedbird217

    FSTramp error? FSX & DX10/9

    KSAT, I too have fallen foul of the same (I think) problem. I have downloaded/installed version 56 and it works perfectly with my P3Dv2.5 but with FSX Steam I cannot get passed the same error message. I have tried complete uninstall/reinstalls without success. Even more frustratingly, there was a few days when FSTramp did work on FS Steam and just as suddenly it stopped working. I don't know if the FSTramp.dll is corrupt (reinstall should fix that) or whether simconnect is involved as the read me mentions installation of simconnect. BTW this has all happened since changing to Windows 10 which is my only significant change since it was last stable. Here's hoping the community might offer some pointers. Speedbird217
  3. Hi,I have a new custom built PC based on a ASUS 5K MB, Dual Core 6750 processor, an XFX 8800 GT 512Mb graphic board, 4Gb RAM a 675W PS and running XP SP2.I have loaded both Fs9 (+update) and FSX, SP1 and SP2 without any add ons but keep having CTD's on both.I want to troubleshoot this problem systematically but can't help thinking the problem is with the PC not the programs.Could anyone offer any advice on how I could approach getting a stable base installation of both programs?I am not that tech savvy, but can follow instructions....All ideas, help much appreciated.BestSpeedbird217