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  1. Hi I upgraded to V3 but the cfg on secondary window will not let me change the SOP. All other options seem to change. P3D V3.2 Win 10 I have tried uninstalling and re-installing, Downloaded file a few times. The slk button changes to a hand but nothing happens, I have run the config centre everything else would appear to be ok. On a side note, is there no way that settings could be moved over to new versions. I use a matrox triple head to go and always forget to save my window sizes and have to start setting them up again. (as I said a very side issue) Thanks Davy C Hi Went back to V2 and found the same problem, although it was working before. Then I changed to voice control and I can now change the SOP Re-installed V3 and found that SOP will not change until you select voice commands Hope this helps anybody else with similar issue (maybe should read manual first) Davy C
  2. Hi I have just installed PMDG 737NGX and FS2Crew I am having the following issue. I have done a few 4+ hour flights Heathrow to Larnaca. All goes well until I start the descent phase. When I start using my headset the sim freezes for about 2-3 seconds and runs for 2-3 seconds - this gets slightly better over time but unworkable. I close the flight sim and restart from an autosave and no issues. If I don't use the mic I have no issues - smooth approach Here is the strange bit - FSUIPC disappears from the add-on menu and the auto saves stop as soon as this starts. I have checked all the sound drivers and USB drivers (USB headset) and they all seem up to date. I had similar issues with sound in the PMDG 777 however when I changed the sound set in the 777 control panel it improved dramatically but did not take it away completely. P3D V3 Windows 10 - I strongly suspect is the culprit FSUIPC latest version I think 'k' I have all SDK's loaded and re-installed the P3D V3.2 SDK to be sure to be sure Re-installed P3D PMDG FS2Crew - FSUIPC Is this the USB ports going to sleep - I do not know how to check but the headset will work. Sounds seem a little funny, eg the engine sound dims or fluctuates more than at the start of the flight. Last flight I pulled out the USB headset and reloaded in the hope this might work but FS2Crew would not use voice although it was working in windows 10. Flight landed smoothly without the headset - so either USB or sound issue I think Pete is away in the FSUIPC forum, I do not think this is a FS2Crew issue, I was just hoping somebody could point me in the right direction to trouble shoot further. Thanks Davy C
  3. Sad news, thanks for everything you did for our community. Thoughts and prayers for Tom's family at this sad time Davy C
  4. Hi Firstly many thanks for the free port across to P3D - really appreciated. My problem (well I think I am missing something) my old headset does not bounce well so I purchased a usb headset. I read that I can have aircraft sounds on the speakers and ATC (IVAO) on my headset, I also read I can do similar for FS2Crew, albeit on another websites forum I seem to have it working for most things but not for FS2Crew. I have windows 7 and set my speakers as the default playback, I set my USB headset as the default communications playback. I have left the settings in P3D as default, and selected the USB headset in the cfg of 1.4 for my P3D 777. I have FS2 enabled on the control panel, all works well except through speakers and not headset... The mic works and the sounds work, but they come through the speakers. I have scrolled through some of the checklists etc and the walk around but everything comes through the speakers. Can this be changed or am I missing something. I have tried the audio tests these come through the speaker. Maybe this is not possible Thanks Davy C Sorry HS - though shall read the manual more thoroughly - lesson learnt. Davy C
  5. Rob Download the new server file from their web site and it will work on P3D with PMDG 777 Davy C
  6. DavyC

    Virtual Cdu

    Yep Just landed and works a treat in P3D A very happy Davy C
  7. Louis Check the 777 forum there is a hot thread in relation to this app, it is very popular. Davy C
  8. DavyC

    Virtual Cdu

    Folks I have just checked the Virtual Avionics web site and it states that the PMDG 777 P3D is supported. I have downloaded a new server file but it wants me to close the sim to install. Currently half way between LAX and LHR sol I will install later tonight. So things are looking good. Bryan thinks that FS2Crew will release their update today as well. Davy C
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