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  1. I understand your excitement, but I'm still hesitant to join the P3D4 effort due to this strong warning on the LM website; Prepar3D is not to be used, offered, sold or distributed through markets or channels for use as a personal/consumer entertainment product. I cannot honestly say that I am studying for my pilot's license or other education because I'm not.
  2. My computer must be too low end...FPS increases I saw only amounted to slightly more than 1 fps in my demo conditions. Not sure it would be worth the money for me. I do appreciate the increase in 5 - 60 minute trials....that gave me plenty of time to see the differences and to turn on and off the "Fiber Accelerator" to see the changes in fps.
  3. Thanks Rob, you were "right on" in your analysis. I somehow had two identical entries for the 747-8i (both freight & passenger).Two things caught my attention very quickly with this addition:(1) the amount of wing flex takes my breath away!(2) watching the antimated pilots...cute!Doug Craven
  4. My first impressions are also great! One question - I receive some cautions as FSX loads - "Multiple objects with the same name: PMDG 747 8i PMDG House Livery - Simobjects\Airplanes\PMDG747-400" and similar message for the PMDG747-400F. Is this to be expected or has something gone "south" in the download? Thanks! Doug Craven
  5. I join many in thanking you for this update and the tremendous customer service you provide.I've noted only one issue with SP1...perhaps someone can explain what is happening. Before SP1 I had no display problems while operating my screen in it's native resolution of 1440 X 900. After SP1 was installed I experience graphical anomalies in all cockpit screens, some worse than others. By trial & error I found that by leaving the FSX resolution in 1440 X 900 but changing the NIVIDIA control panel resolution to 1280 X 1024 the graphical anomalies disappeared.Yes, I noted that the PMDG Jetstream Pilot Introduction states that resolutions below the minimum of 1280 X 1024 "will produce visual artifacts." Why did this just start appearing after SP1?Thanks again for a wonderful aircraft experience!Doug Craven
  6. Robert,No need to respond to my private E-mail that you requested in another topic...this is exactly the problem I'm seeing. The only symptom that hasn't been mentioned is the lack of any physical rudder movement viewed from the spot camera (the rudder petals and aircraft respond properly).I too am operating with Vista 32-bit, FSX with Acceleration. The PMDG 744-400X worked properly before the update attempt.I'll watch this topic for an answer.Thanks!Doug
  7. Robert,I appreciate you quick response. I've sent my E-mail address to you via the private E-mail option but in the mean time I've restored my system to the pre-update configuration and the PMDG 747-400X is back to its old self.I did try the update again with the exact same results. Could the problem be the dual-boot arrangement I have...Windows XP/FS9(with PMDG 737NG) & Vista/FSX(with PMDG 747-400X)?Thanks for a Great Product!Doug
  8. I wish my experience with the update was as successful as many of you indicate, but my 747-400X is now unusable.Following a successful download and installation of the update, my first attempt noted that no physical movement of the rudder could be seen although the rudder pedals and aircraft responded appropriately. Upon the first takeoff attempt I noted that no speed increase was seen on the PFD. Groundspeed registered but the speed tape never responded. Despite several reboots and tries with other aircraft (all others had no problems), the problem worsened until I have no displays in the cockpit (PFD & ND) and no response to joy stick movements on any control surface.How do I remove this update?Doug