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  1. Bill, tried your tutorial now for C185 paint for FS9, what can I say...See self... (picture edited)I got a comment on that picture in another forum's FS9 screenshot thread, that I'm not in the FSX-picture-thread... :( No, I'm serious, the shot is FS9, ok, have to tell you that the shot is edited. But the paint looks much better and with your tutorial, Bill, I'm much faster than before with making them by hand.
  2. Bill, what can I say???I'm not a newbie in painting Carenado's aircrafts, although I've still not published anything, but your video is helping a lot.(Three handmade paints)If I had your tutorial before, I saved my time.Thx for this nice work you've done for us.I will try it for FS9-textures next time...Thank you, Bill!
  3. Don't have the C185 yet, because I don't use FSX, but it should be a minor change in the L-mask.So look for a bmp-file with "_L.bmp" or something at the end. Then you have to find a way to fit this texture over the daylight- or main-cockpit-texture to get it right over the gauges.Sounds difficult, but it's very easy, if you know how that painting-stuff works... :(
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