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  1. Continental (white with globe) - last livery they used before merger with United
  2. Yup, it is a user error! I was letting the fuel temp get too low. Three flights and not a single problem! Other than getting my hands around flying her!
  3. @hqmurphy I'm also using FS2Crew. I don't think that is contributing to it but I find I have to hard mute this FS2crew because it picks up sounds around me and does things when I don't want it to. So, on the fuel heat, do you just keep flipping the Fuel Heat switches when the fuel nears 0 degrees to keep it from freezing?
  4. I bet it is the icing. I was paying no attention to the fuel temp and using the fuel heaters. That makes sense. I'm in flight now so I will watch it again and see what happens! Thanks for the help!
  5. I'm trying to figure out why I keep losing power at cruise. I have the auto throttle, and AP on in VNAV and LNAV mode. Everything just goes completely dark. Not like running out of fuel, no engine fire, nothing. I know, i'm not giving much to work with here but any help would be appreciated.
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