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  1. Version 1.1 is out here. Is it possible to edit the first post so I can update it with the new info and a changelog? It looks like the edit button is removed after a certain amount of time has expired. Should I just start a new topic?
  2. It doesn't work like that. It doesn't matter where mesh scenery is in the library, FS will display the highest-resolution data it can find for a given area.
  3. I'll add them to the list. It would help if you could point me to where I could either find the timetables or a FS9 traffic file.
  4. I'm glad you like it I'd be a little careful about the first point, there's plenty more of the historical schedules to be added, just because something isn't in the database yet doesn't mean it wasn't used. For the second point, yes in theory, although it's a bit involved and there is 10+ minute compilation script that needs to be run to push out a new version of the database. Until I get a workable way for users to do this figured out, what I could do is make a guide about the data format expected, so that anyone who wants to help or really wants a particular schedule can research and make the raw data, and send it along to me to be pushed out in the next database update.
  5. No problem. Garuda is included for 1994 in full, that should be enough for that decade. Any special reason why you need to have it after 95? With this 1.0 release, I have most of the current major airlines up to date an in the desired amounts 2008-2014, with the historical schedules where possible as a bonus. The current goal is to expand the historical flights and clean them up, the ones in there can have some errors. Ansett is one I'll definitely begin including, it's currently in there for 1976 but not much else ATM.
  6. Flightaware only has flights from the last month or so available for free, and I've got "modern" flights going back to at least 2008 for most of the airlines in here. And then it depends on the AIRAC in use, ETOPS restrictions for different aircraft, changing weather and oceanic tracks, etc. Much simpler to just let users find or generate their flight plans. That's because I don't have 90's schedules for Ansett included yet. Although there are a lot of flights in here, it's not as if I magically have every season of every airline in the past 60 years, I have to find and add them manually. I have added historical data where I can, and I am currently working on overhauling and expanding it. For historical schedules, my ultimate goal is to have one set of full schedules for each decade. If there's one you really want me to add, point me towards the timetable and I will see what I can do to include it.
  7. No, I don't think there's a feasible way for me to do that. There are many other flight/route planners that do a much better job than I could hope to, and I feel it's outside the scope of the application. I agree it would be nice, however.
  8. Glad you like it I'll look into sorting the columns by clicking the headers
  9. There's not too many for that at the moment, only BOAC if I recall correctly. I'm looking into adding NWA/UAL/Pan Am if I can find the flightplans for them. No server at the moment. Right now I've been coming out with updates about once a month, I'll make a post here when the next version is out. I'll look into the times, but my big fear is that too many entries will make the table too cluttered and unusable, it's already pretty crowded as it is.
  10. A fifth column might make the table too cluttered, as it would drastically increase the number of entries. However, adding a date range selector similar to the flight duration options should be entirely possible. The update table button simply takes the currently entered filters/parameters and displays all flights that match those parameters. You can then either click and interesting-looking one in the table to get the information, or hit one of the two random buttons at the bottom right to get it to pick for you. The pdf guide/manual has more info if you're interested. I'll take the AI suggestions under consideration; at the moment they might be out of the scope of the application, but maybe in the future if I can think of a clean way to do it. Thanks for trying it out! Just to be abundantly clear, to help other users, this utility has nothing to do with AI traffic whatsoever. Instead, it's a "what route should I fly with my 737" type of program, that gives you real flights from real airlines.
  11. At the moment it's not possible for users to add their own entries into the schedule. My raw data is approximately 350 mb worth of text files, and I have a script that takes around 10 minutes compiling them all into the big .db file that the program uses. I could potentially include that script as part of the program and give instructions on the data format expected and such so that users could make additions, but that's in the future plans and would take a bit of careful thought on how to implement it cleanly. However, there is hopefully more than enough in there currently to keep people happy for the time being. Each current airline has full schedules every two years starting in 2008, data permitting. This is done for balance, to prevent airlines with data from every season from "drowning" out the smaller or sparser ones. In this release, the most recent Emirates schedule is from the summer of 2014. I am updating the schedules and adding new airlines quite frequently, so it will continue to grow as new data becomes available.
  12. 7zip is free. And works on pretty much everything, not just .zip files. Anyways, I'll consider it for the next release. In the meantime, I hope that the type of archiver used wouldn't put you off trying it out, I think it's an invaluable tool especially for those who have a fondness for the classic airliners or anyone who wants to have that little extra realism in their flights.
  13. 7z (7zip) is just a different type of archive. WinRar, WinZip, or 7zip should be able to open it just fine. It's packaged as a 7zip now to save space/bandwidth. As for installing, just unpackage it to a folder of your choice and run the .exe within, there's no installer necessary.
  14. This is a utility that can assign give you information about real-world flights to do with your aircraft. There are ~2.3 million flights of the database, and a single click can give you a realistic route, airline, flight number, departure and arrival times, aircraft registration, and more for almost any airliner you can think of. There are historical schedules in the database as well, so now you can get realistic flights and routes to do with your classic aircraft that aren't used as much in the real world any more. A huge range of real-world flights from multiple areas of aviation are included. 707 flights for Pan-Am in the 60's, flying Tristars in and out of Kai Tak in the 80's for Cathay Pacific, all the way up to modern A320/737/777 flights. Get it here for free.
  15. So I'm trying to get this to work with various aircraft; the flight 1 ATR in this case. In the aircraft, the radar is supposed to show up on the navigation display below the PFD. The controls for the radar itself are on the pedestal, and even though the aircraft does not come with a WX radar, the dummy controls are functional/selectable. I can overlay this wx radar gauge on top of the ND no problem. I can also make it appear as a 2D popup if it doesn't look good. But how do I control the unit? It's only a display, where to I set on/off, tilt, gain, etc? The aircraft has no default FSX GPS. Is there a 2D set of radar controls, like in Bryn's radar gauge? If not, is there a way to map the dummy controls on the pedestal to control the display? thanks
  16. I've done two flights now, with the changed MOI values, and it flies perfectly. Thanks so much. Any progress with regards to the data on the 200LR/300/300ER?
  17. Well, the difference is that 767's that aren't a 767-300 are rare, and in the example of the 767-400 the cockpit is completely different, resulting in more work for the developers. Not so with the A321/A319/A318, which are very common, and furthermore, share the same systems and cockpit. It's more a question of waiting to get the full version so I don't needlessly buy the basic- money is a bit tight.
  18. I don't know exactly how useable the airsimmer bus is, but I've heard that only the CFM version works reliably. Correct me if I am wrong. When I use FS I try to fly realistic routes, with the right aircraft/airlnes/callsigns. The reason I've not gotten the basic version yet is that I don't want to dish out money for only an A320 CFM, while the A321/A320 IAE/A319/A318 go unmodelled. I'm sure the 320 CFM flies great and works like a charm now after the updates, but I'm not going to buy the basic version because only one aircraft/variant is being offered.
  19. Is the fuel calculation the only thing that's different between 2.0a9 and 2.10? What about the vertical guidance/tod calculations?
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