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  1. There is one but in Dutch language 😁 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIb2MTsY5dY
  2. Oliver, thanks for your very fast reaction. I just downloaded and installed v1_40_b04. Software works well so far!
  3. Oh, well, that can happen! I went back to 1_39_b12, original add-ons.cfg recovered.
  4. Oliver, excuse my ignorance, I hope I understood. However, my problem is that everything is deleted from add-ons.cfg. How do I get my former packages back: active in your software under "Packages" and active in Prepar3D?
  5. I just installed latest version 1_40_b02. When starting the software my add-ons.cfg file in C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\ is deleted automatically with following note: "Deleted packages detected and removed from config!" All contents in add-ons.cfg is deleted. Strange, this package is active! At this time I still run P3D v4.4. What is the suggested operation to avoid this problem, please? Regards Dieter
  6. Hello Oliver, so I did now and the radar gauge works. Thanks for fast support! Dieter
  7. Hello all, yesterday I bought Firefighter X (should be latest version I suppose, order number can be given if necessary). Installation was no problem. I'm running P3D v4.3 under Win10 Prof on SSD, NVida card1080. I installed the freeware CL-215 for P3D and attached following gauges: Fire Radar, Drop Control Panel and Selector Panel. Problem: the Radar panel is displayed but doesn't work properly. I followed the documentation, the required "Visual C++2013 Redistributable" are installed: - Mircrosoft Visual C++2013 Redistributable(x86) - 12.03.30501 - Mircrosoft Visual C++2013 Redistributable(x64) - 12.03.30501 I can change the distance value displayed in upper right hand corner but there are no markings on the screen, tank shows "0" although water tank full to 100%. I need some help, please. Greetings Dieter
  8. Well, it's pity, the link doesn't work anymore. Is is possible to make this file available again, please? Dieter
  9. Thanks for the information about (planned) works on Hurtigruten ships. Yes, Henrik Nielsen is a very talented ship desígner. I've got many of his ships included in my FSX installation.
  10. This Norway scenery has nearly reached Orbx-quality. Many thanks to all designers who are involved! There is something I'm missing: on my many flights I never met a boat of the famous Hurtigruten line. I think that should be a standard in future.
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