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  1. Same problem for me, did you find a way around it ?. I have searched everywhere for the wizard no luck and no info available on the net that I can find. Regards Techno
  2. Just to thank those who responded, In reply I do not have any other specific traffic files for LEPA or LFMN the two required TG traffic files are in the scenery folder and are active. I have put the same information on the TG Forum but so far no help has been forthcoming, thanks again it was a stab in the dark to try this forum as I know from passed experience their is a lot of knowledge in contact with the forum so I thought I would give it a try. Techno
  3. Thanks for your response Gerard, What I have done regarding afcads is disable any in GT for which I have third party addons to make sure there was no conflict, I have tried uninstalling and re-installing GT twice now but result is exactly the same which is why I came to the conclusion that I must have removed a Traffic related file from P3d which is required by Global Traffic, I am completely baffled by this it does not make any sense that two airports work fine but the rest are deserted.
  4. I'm not sure this is the right place to put my cry for help and I apologise if it's not but I am desperate. After updating the aforesaid program in P3d 4.2 and prior to installation of update JF advises to remove any files that may be left over manually which I did unfortunately, I think I may have removed a P3D file that is required by Global Traffic as I now only have traffic at LEPA and LFMN which is really strange ground traffic taxis and departs there are aircraft in the air but only in these two areas the rest of the world is deserted. Has anyone any idea what can cause this problem I have recompiled the traffic numerous times to no avail and would greatly appreciate any assistance or ideas please. Techno
  5. I have large areas of dark brown patches with some lighter streaks in them over Ireland definitely not natural terrain, scenery in correct order. I have taken screen shots but have no idea how to attach them in the forum would appreciate any help given. Les
  6. Has anyone managed to get the fuel cutoff valves working in the PMDG 777 with the latest version of FSUIPC in PD3 ver5, I have tried setting the button controls with codes 66494 and 66495 but to no avail, I can get the parking brake to operate using 65752 but nothing happens with the fuel cutoff codes can anybody offer some advice please I'm going crazy trying to sort this out, any help would be much appreciated. Techno
  7. I also have re reports to that effect but there are also individuals posting that they have managed to get Version 3131 working with limited functionality !. Just wish those individuals would post detailed instructions on how they managed to achieve it. Techno
  8. Thanks Bill for your help on this one, that at least it clears up the question regarding SimConnect installation, I can now rule that out as the problem and look elsewhere. Cheers Techno
  9. I have just checked and they are all there, one for FSX-SE as you state and three for FSX, does that therefore mean that they are all available to FSX-SE programs because from what I have so far been able to ascertain all three must be installed for FSX-SE. Techno
  10. Yes, I installed all simconnects as advised on the Steam FSX-SE forum and this is as far as I could get, there is a guy on there who says he has got the program running but I just cannot work out how to contact him for the info on how he has managed to do it. When I say I have installed the simconnects I have gone to their location in the SDK legacy files and clicked on the simconnect windows installers one at a time, I am assuming that is what you have to do to install them, am I correct in thinking that's it ?. I am a bit of a novice at this, well when I say novice I have been meddling with Flight simulation since ATP and FS98 but my computer skills are limited and like your comment regarding learning, I'm at that age where I forget more than I learn so I do need it written down. I do not have my Steam Edition installed in the Program Files (86) folder on my C drive it is on a separate drive, my installation is D:\SteamLibrary\Steamapps\common ETC, could this be my problem?. Thanks for the prompt response Techno
  11. I have spent hours now trying to get FS Recorder to install into FSX-SE but to no avail, I have managed to get the installer to put the insert into the XML.dll but on starting up FSX-SE I get a compatibility message which from what I have read is normal but, on accepting that message I immediately get another saying Simconect unable to initialise Fs Recorder module. Can anyone out there please provide step by step installation instructions to stop me going insane. I am currently trying ver3.1.3.1 of FS Recorder as advised in all the articles I have read. Thanks in anticipation Techno
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