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  1. I'd the same problem and the solution was, desselect the midmap VC panels in the general configuration settings
  2. SOLVED. The problem was the migration tool, the fsx option was enabled. Now I have my P3D normal fps back.
  3. Sudendly my frame rate went down, my CPU usage is 40%, my memory usage 30%, i don't know what went wrong. My computer have a I7 CPU, with 16gb RAM, a NVIDIA 750m graphic card, and until now i'm having a frame rate 20 limited, wish is enough for me, but now is 10fps, no matter i reduce everything to low or go to high, it maintain 8 to 10 fps. I had rollback drivers Of NVIDIA but still the same. Please help.
  4. Last week I installed de P3D 2.5, and is awesome, thanks to LM, almost everything is ok. Good fps rate, very fluid, better graphics . Until now, the only problem i´ve is that I can´t see any traffic in IVAO. In VATSIM with VPilot I can see the other traffic but not in IVAO. Please someone help.
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