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  1. Major_Bloodnok

    All 'back of the bus'...

    The compartment floor could do with a vacuuming..........😀
  2. For those who are looking for George Keoghs Hawaiian Airports ......
  3. Major_Bloodnok

    Are there any 787 profiles for PFPX/TOPCAT?

    Try this:- Very comprehensive and FREE (but a donation is always welcome)
  4. Major_Bloodnok

    Earth Simulations Titles on Sale

    Blimey Im still trying to get the products to work in P3D V3
  5. Major_Bloodnok

    Airbus A319 Weird Noises

    Could be this:-
  6. Strange, Ive just experienced the same thing - I couldnt turn the starter switches from the VC overhead, in frustration I switched on the fuel levers and the engines fired up. Much later in flight I was able to turn on the starter switches to "cont" for a landing. Also found I couldnt Activate the Autothrottle and FD switches from the VC......
  7. Its the older version - it seems to be working OK at the moment!!
  8. Well I bought Zinerteks VC upgrade and must say Im happy with it. I had the LDS 767 since FS9 days and for a long time it was the only aircraft I used. Sure, we have been spoiled with todays offerings from PMDG/Majestic/FSLabs but I have to say after a short flight between Pago Pago and Rarotonga I was surprised as to how well the old girl fared. I installed TSS sounds for the CF6-80 which added a little more to the experience. A happy camper!!
  9. There you go!!
  10. Having the same problems with Simmarket, cant download. I live in Portugal so the price is including local taxes - Wish I could offer some feedback, (Im working anyway today so cant do much.....!!!) Ill offer some comments after downloading.........
  11. Zinerteks new VC texture set is out - eur 12,29 including tax
  12. Take a look at this - its for the A320 but gives a good insight into sfc etc for the different types of engines offered on the A320 family.
  13. Major_Bloodnok

    Concorde Landing gear - Silly Question :-)

    Hi. Take a look at this:-