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  1. Great thread and very informative - thankyou! Interesting film as well, a familiar face appears around 06:59 - seen walking downstairs, is it who I think it may be?????
  2. I have it - and I wouldnt recommend it at all - for over 1.4GB download there is nothing of the airport and surrounding scenery to see - its a poor add-on....
  3. Ok - but can you say what things werent working as they should? It might give those who havent bought the plane yet an appraisal....???
  4. Yes, I live just down the road from the airport and its a good representation!
  5. I had both for FSX, I preferred the F104G - however, they are both absolute devils to master, hope you have plenty of patience!
  6. I think this occurred in Mogadishu (MGQ/HCMM) - there was traffic on the runway and the crew elected to do a 360º - IIRC the land area around the airfield was apparently a danger area due to MANPADS hence the orbit over the sea- there was a thread about it in PpRune a while ago.
  7. Alan, There were few who could reach the GPU socket on the 757...!!! Regarding the loading carpets, my recollection was that the BA ones were regularly out of service, loaders, instead of unloading some, then moving the carpet along for the next batch of bags, just let the screwjack twist away, thus pushing the bags out and lightening the work, resulting in the screwjacks buckling and rendering the carpets useless..... I seem to remember the CONDOR 757-300s didnt have this facility, loading staff were heard to groan all over the airport if they were allocated this plane, especially in the summer!!
  8. Wow Alan, brings back more memories of my tenure way back when! IIRC isnt EUPJ a 319? I was working for the above mentioned when the first 319s were delivered, we were bulk loading them at the time,front and back - I cant remember why, the 320s that BA had at the time (BUSB-BUSK) were container loaded, BA had a strange loading sequence for those old 320s in order that there wouldnt be a massive CG shift or damage in the event the locks gave way, I cant find the old papers so I cant remember which way the loading was done. As an aside, a 757 arrived at our station from LHR one day, when the loading staff opened the forward hold door, a tie down ring fell out (the type that slots into the compartment floor and secures cargo with rope etc) It had been lodged between the door and the frame. After reporting this to Head Office, were told " cant confirm, compartment door not opened before departure our end" although there was mail inside...... I asked the duty engineer if there would have been any consequences - pressurization etc, he said " nah - they wouldnt have noticed, these leak live sieves anyway...." 😯😯
  9. Alan, Ah that takes me back to a previous life! Thank you for the memories! Concerning the tail pin - I can say that I know of an occasion when this was forgotten and left flapping until the aircraft was called back.....as well as a ramp agent almost being crushed under the tail during boarding as he decided that it was a good idea to remove the pin as he didnt want to forget to take it out.........
  10. The compartment floor could do with a vacuuming..........😀
  11. For those who are looking for George Keoghs Hawaiian Airports ...... https://www.flight-sim-jewels.com/hawaiian-airports-by-george-keogh/
  12. Try this:- www.simbrief.com Very comprehensive and FREE (but a donation is always welcome)
  13. Blimey Im still trying to get the products to work in P3D V3
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