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  1. Another vote for Flight Sim Jewels Hawaii, along with Freeware airports from George Keogh, available at the website mentioned above by Mikealpha
  2. Glad you like it! I have a 747, 727 and DC9, all sent by Delta way back in the 1970s after I asked for some Airline Literature!!
  3. Great find! Talking of DC8....
  4. Far too much traffic and totally inadequate road system in the UK - coupled with the fact that most who perpetrate violence or bad behaviour are likely to be let off with a slap on the wrist and points on their drivers licence - if they were to lose their licence and be hit with a hefty fine they might think again. In my neck of the woods (southwest corner of Europe) drivers are just as manic and are just as likely to get aggressive on the roads - pulling out in front of you on the roundabout/junction/side turning and they all seem to be late for their meetings/lunch appointments/coffee resulting in loads of speeding drivers, hanging on to your bumper/fender and waving their hand and issuing threats as they pass by - mainly to be sat at the next set of red lights when you pull up. Summers see an increase in bad behaviour when the roads can be clogged with tourists from the North and elsewhere - and dont get me started on the "RV" season when convoys of Camperwagons travel down a single lane road ot 50km/h!!!
  5. Aviaco, Dan-Air British Caledonian, BWIA, Nigeria Airways, Deutsche BA, LTU, Hapag-Lloyd, Aero-Lloyd - all gone!!
  6. I read down the page and saw that - you beat me to it!!
  7. Looks like theyve had a change of heart........ https://captainsim.net/products/y767/y766/
  8. Great thread and very informative - thankyou! Interesting film as well, a familiar face appears around 06:59 - seen walking downstairs, is it who I think it may be?????
  9. I have it - and I wouldnt recommend it at all - for over 1.4GB download there is nothing of the airport and surrounding scenery to see - its a poor add-on....
  10. Ok - but can you say what things werent working as they should? It might give those who havent bought the plane yet an appraisal....???
  11. Yes, I live just down the road from the airport and its a good representation!
  12. I had both for FSX, I preferred the F104G - however, they are both absolute devils to master, hope you have plenty of patience!
  13. I think this occurred in Mogadishu (MGQ/HCMM) - there was traffic on the runway and the crew elected to do a 360º - IIRC the land area around the airfield was apparently a danger area due to MANPADS hence the orbit over the sea- there was a thread about it in PpRune a while ago.
  14. Alan, There were few who could reach the GPU socket on the 757...!!! Regarding the loading carpets, my recollection was that the BA ones were regularly out of service, loaders, instead of unloading some, then moving the carpet along for the next batch of bags, just let the screwjack twist away, thus pushing the bags out and lightening the work, resulting in the screwjacks buckling and rendering the carpets useless..... I seem to remember the CONDOR 757-300s didnt have this facility, loading staff were heard to groan all over the airport if they were allocated this plane, especially in the summer!!
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