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  1. The panel uses custom controllers and state variables that won't integrate well with a 3rd party FMC. We'd like to modify the Garrett Smith FMC to itegrate it with the panel and make it more specific to the 777 if anyone knows how to contact him to get permission to do so.
  2. The panel will definitely not work in FS9. It uses the simconnect interface only available in FSX and the FSX xml schema.
  3. You're missing the vc texture files '$vc_01.bmp' and '$vc_02.bmp'. Get them here and copy them into your panel folder. The FMC is just a bitmap.
  4. Wouldn't it be great if they reversed their usual paradigm and started putting out some SDK info ahead of the sim so that developers can start coming up to speed in preparation for the products release. The tools to actually create/integrate the addon content would of course have to be purchased with the sim.
  5. If this means streaming high quality terrain data (visual and topographic) into the sim I might be tempted to connect. Of course I would expect the data to be cached locally for offline use. The social aspects of it really don't interest me much.
  6. If the aircraft is the subject of this review, have you tried to contact the author. He might have an answer or way of contacting the developers.
  7. It takes a few more lines of code, but you can read the entire flight plan, including cruise and segment alts, by initializing the gps panel variable (ref. SDK.Flightmap.cpp, gps_info.h in the SDK). It should save some processor cycles too.#define GPS_PANEL_VARIABLE_NAME "FS2002 GPS DATA" // variable for reading GPS infoMODULE_VAR var;initialize_var_by_name (&var, GPS_PANEL_VARIABLE_NAME);gpsinfo = (GPS_INFO*)var.var_ptr;For my purposes, I've observed that the segment alts I've saved in the flightplan are overwritten by the cruise alt when the GPS reads it. Is there a way to retrive the original segment alts through the GPS? Jan mentioned he can read them in FS9 via the "c:FlightPlanCruisingAltitude,feet" var, I wonder if that has changed for FSX or am I missing something?
  8. I'm quite certain it's happening. I have a log file showing two callbacks for every 18 hz tick. I suppose it's possible that the same instance is being called twice but it looked like the data context was different. I worked around it by only allowing one callback to run per tick.I'll look further into Fred's suggestion of defining only a VC gauge.Thanks.
  9. I would like to run only one instance of a gauge server (dll) in a model that has a VC and 2d panel. I've found that I need to have an entry for the gauge in both the 2d section and VC section of panel.cfg in order for it to run when either the 2d panel or VC is selected. If I put the gauge in both the 2d section and VC section of panel.cfg in FSX, I get either one or 2 instances running depending on whether the users selects the 2d panel or VC.Is there a way I can configure the panel.cfg so that only 1 instance of the gauge will run regardless of how the user uses the 2d panel or VC?
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