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  1. Sounds like the crossfeed valves weren’t open, and fuel tank 1&4 got empty . Gert Barring
  2. I have had this issue myself in the 744, and for me it worked to change the ground connection to disappear instantly, instead of real time, in the option pages. Gert Barring
  3. Put in a support ticket. Unfortunately this has happened to many people, but the guys at PMDG will help you when you send in the ticket. Gert Barring.
  4. Well i got a confirmation e-mail. Money has vanished from my bank account. So.... Gert Barring
  5. Nope. No link at all. I have links on my previous orders, but not on the 748.. Gert Barring
  6. I have purchased it, but there is no download link. Hope it will be fixed this evening.. ☺️ Gert Barring
  7. Robert wrote in Chewwys stream that it will be out very soon. Just fixing some server stuff. Gert Barring
  8. I sent a support ticket about the issue. The solution that worked for me was to go into the setup menu in the load manager and change the resolution of trueglass and reallight to another value, save, and then change it back to the original resolution. GAB
  9. I have CKPT flood lights, but no panel lights. P3D4.1
  10. How stupid.... Only read "dual" and "single" and didn´t notice that it changed from jetway to GPU... Sorry for waisting 10sec of your life Thank you for the amazing airplane and support. It´s really been a joy to get to learn flying this beast (almost better to fly than my four engine airplane I fly for for a living in real life!) - Gert Barring
  11. Good morning! I´ve been browsing through the manuals and FMC-menus, but haven´t found out were to hook the external power cart to the plane - only the jetway plugs. Where do you find the GPU? -Gert Barring
  12. Looking great! Hopefully there will be a Kalitta Air-livery at the release, or soon after If not, I guess the Atlas Air-livery will suffice in the meantime Gert Barring
  13. Maybe you have track up and not heading up on your EHSI? Gert A Barring
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