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  1. I'm now about 30 minutes into the new flight and I'm not running into this problem again. It must have been a transient issue from that flight or something.
  2. Sorry for the delay. I tried a short hop with FS2Crew disabled and it was working fine. I am about to fly another flight with FS2Crew on to see if I can repeat the fault.
  3. Takeoff out of CYYZ today, clean install of both the QW 787 and FS2Crew, so I know they're both fully up-to-date. OAT was 14*C (if that makes a difference). Even prior to departure, he was cycling the Aft Electronics Cooling Fan on and off constantly and would not let me turn on either Electronics cooling or the Bulk Cargo Heat. While not a major issue, it's just annoying to see the EICAS memos flashing constantly.
  4. Yes, I see the mute icon when I am talking. Just had it happen a few moments ago when I landed at Alliance Airport in Texas. Was calling traffic and ended a transmission with "Alliance" and as soon as I un-keyed the mic and the yellow Mute cleared, the green bar said "Lights" which then turned off my taxi lights. As for the retrain - I built this current computer 2 months ago from scratch. That included a new training session for voice. It did this before the new computer. It does it now with the new computer. It does it no matter what microphone I have installed. The point I think we're trying to make Bryan is that maybe it's not Speech Recognition profile that is the problem. Maybe it's something changed in how SR is working or how FS2Crew is interacting with it that changed and is causing the issue.
  5. I'm having 2 problems similar to this. I've confirmed several times that my mic sensitivity is way down. 1) picks up random things when literally *nothing* is being picked up by the mic (according to the sound meter). 2) can't seem to figure out the word "set" on the altimeter setting change or the checklist (always wants to say it's "seven"). Both of these problems started about the same time and *only* affect the 747. All my other FS2Crew programs work just fine. Also, the soft mute on the 747 doesn't seem to be working either. Whenever I transmit on VATSIM, it picks up what I'm saying even though the soft mute shows active and I get random command changes to things like speed when I release the transmit key on my joystick and the soft mute releases.
  6. Mark, don't worry about sourcing GPU sounds. First, your model is of a FoxCart-style GPU (battery/wall plug) so it doesn't make any diesel sound. However, if you want to add a GPU, just let me know. I'll send you a package of pics of our JetGo here at work and a recording of its entire start, rev to operating RPM, slow to idle, cooldown, and shutdown cycle on a quiet ramp so it'll be well isolated. Just hit me up here or on Facebook. I will probably get these pics and recording in the next week or so because it's been a sticking point on several add-ons that I've wanted to submit for approval.
  7. They have no need to stretch it out. The airframes for the AF1 contract have already been built per several sources, the problem is the modifications needed and funding them. Boeing could deliver the aircraft in about 24 months from being given the "go" by the Pentagon and a wire transfer.
  8. I apologize if this has been addressed in other threads. I tried a search and browsing the topic titles, but didn't come up with anything. I also understand if this is a gauge/model issue and can't be fixed. I have the freeware Douglas C-47 v2 and Basler BT-67 from Manfred Jahn (available from Sim-Outhouse.com and I think also from here). Both versions use Basler's modernized cockpit that includes an updated 6-pack, new engine indicating gauges, and a GNS530 over GNS430 stack. The stack is fully modeled in the VC and when I installed the GPS in place of the originals, the click spots appear to work fine, but the screen itself doesn't display anything but black. It is differently a different color between the on and off states (as if the unit is powering up the screen but not the computer), so I think it's trying to work. I am pretty well versed in doing panel work and use both FS Panel Studio and notepad to make edits all the time for personal preference, so I did check other aircraft I have the Mindstar installed in and don't think I missed any "ghost entries". Any suggestion on what I might be doing wrong?
  9. I'm not sure that this is P3D v2.5 compatible. There's no mention of it in the description, only 2.0 and from my understanding, 2.5 has some fairly substantial modifications from 2.0 that probably are the source of some of your issues.
  10. They really do nothing for you on landing, so I'd just forgo use of them. Having spoken to real world Citation II and V pilots, they very rarely have to use the speedbrakes with good planning, even when making idle-power descents will yield you vertical speeds in excess of 3000 FPM without their use.
  11. Glad you got it worked out, but I wonder why you were under the impression that you needed to arm the "spoilers"? First, the Citation II doesn't have spoilers, it has speedbrakes. Second, even if you could arm them, they are pretty much useless on landing because they are designed to add drag only, not destroy lift, and at 100 knots, it's too slow to really be effective. Since I've started flying the S550, I have to admit that I've not yet used the speedbrakes because I've not had to descend that fast that I hit idle thrust.
  12. FIrst - Fr. Bill, again, my mistake. I didn't see David's name in the credits for the MilViz 737 documentation and thought you were the one who did it. Second for both Bill & Narutokun - I actually do understand on a general level the kind of effort that Carenado has gone through to make a Navigraph-compliant FMS. I don't discount it one bit. What I discount is charging an additional fee to the users who've already paid for a product that was advertised to have an FMS and wasn't delivered with an FMS. If this addon covers more than just the Citation S550, then I'll happily pay the money because the "update" isn't a fix for a missing piece of the S550 by itself. I will hesitate paying for what I was led to believe was part of what I paid for in the first place as it's CLEARLY advertised on their page to be included. That is the only thing I have been negative about and it is what most of those who've responded on Facebook have expressed as well.
  13. Like what? I've not noticed anything when using a fully built profile.
  14. Here's the thing though - I already pay Navigraph for that data. Now I'm paying Carenado to add it after they (in my opinion) lied about having an FMS and not a GPS skin. What they delivered was not an FMS. It was a performance calculator (partial) with the default GPS. It wasn't capable of flying *any* RNAV procedures as FSX isn't capable of doing LPV, something that the UNS-1F is capable of doing.
  15. Sorry, I think I got myself mixed up this morning... Anyway, you're right that Fr. Bill is the coder on the UNS-1F. My confusion was furthered by the fact that I've found that the GNS-XLS is actually more prevalent in Citation II upgrades than the UNS-1F, making the GNS a much better fit (and why I was in the process of replacing the "Universal" for my personal use before Janek did a much, much better job of it).
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