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  1. Nice story well looks like you wont be buying T7 for a week or so after release then lol
  2. I gotta agree with you there i think it looks a bit silly arriving in a torrential rain or snow and the windshield is squeaky clean lol but i guess its like the other little treat that was in the jetstream were the windscreen & trailing edges would show ice building up if you never turned on the w/s heat & anti-ice. Little quirks like these i would have like to have seen in the ngx, am still very happy with the final product
  3. I have noticed that i have have no rain effect on the windshield. Also before i installed Sp1 my eta time on the prog page on fmc used to be accurate but now its always at least 12 hours out. I use fs realtime so i know its not a case of the fs clock being out of sync. I have done a fresh install of the NGX but these minor problems still persist. Does anyone else have these problems?Any advice on fixing these little problems would be greatly appreciatedMartin
  4. This is my first post on this subject to do with pmdg`s NGX i`ve been quietly sitting on the sidelines checking this thread once every couple of months.It strikes me that some of you cant read or are not willing to accept what pmdg are saying, By hounding them you aint gonna get any more info out of them oreven get the add on released any quicker. To be honest if modelling the aircraft was that easy we`d all be creating are own and put pmdg out of business.So some of you should take a step back and let pmdg get on with finishing this product without hounding them,Can you imagine if RW airlines behavedlike this, Airbus & Boeing would probably never get an aircraft out of the factorySo as the saying goes patience is a virtueKeep up the good work pmdg love your productsJust my 2c
  5. Im having the same problem its really getting on my nerves. I have been running as admin, Hope someone can help fix this problem.System specs:Win7 x64,Intel i5(OC4Ghz),1GB Gfx card,8GB RamRegardsMartin Keane
  6. Hi all new to the forums As always pmdg your aircraft are second to none :) but i do have a major concerns in the fact that slowly but surely that all dvelopers are forcing simmers to use fsx in the fact your releasing for fsx onlyIm sure your aware that not everbody can afford a new pc or will be able to run fsx on their system or like me have spent alot of time and money on getting fs9 configured and so on So i guess my question really is this are your future products going to be fsx only or will you still cater for fs9???
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