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  1. I have the latest version bought today, why is there a massive delay between selecting any axis and button option to assign ? Its taking me almost 5 mins to do one assign axis !
  2. The FD doesn't show the guidance to turn to heading, with AP off. It stays straight and level. It works fine with AP on. Is this a bug or a limitation as of now ?
  3. Awesome Work guys ! Quick question, is there a separate A320 Neo simbrief profile with the correct empty weight, or is it just the default A320 200 and edit weights ?
  4. I agree with you on Meteoblue's implementation in MSFS. So far it looks like the future, avoids taxing our system in synthesizing data for the route, better MSFS servers do it. My point is how can we use or get access to those synthesized data for a proper flight planning purpose? matching METAR isn't the concern, but Meteoblue's forecast is waaaaay off than anyone else so far !
  5. It would be better if we could access meteoblue's weather representation in MSFS, as means to plan a flight. I understand we can use the default screen to select the arrival and see the weather, but it beats the purpose of real time weather changes. That weather would be changing and cannnot be representative as immersive enough after a 5 hour flight to destination. What works around so far in Fly by wire A320 mod, is setting AOC menu for pulling decoded metar from MSFS meteoblue itself and then planning the STARS. This wouldn't work around for any other default planes, goes to show the amount of work the A3nX guys are doing ! props to them. Waiting for Asobo to update weather with VIS etc... could be a while, their hands are full with Xbox and VR release.
  6. Been an Active sky user for years, have yet to use REX in MSFS. I have seen a few review flights, has it improved those transitional effects ? and low FPS which comes with it ? I am glad to hear the winds aloft is representative, is the rest not possible due to MSFS SDK ?
  7. Yeah, love to see those great improvements in Live weather. I am certain and I am OK with Meteoblue's depiction, as it's never going to be close to being live weather IRL. So going forward, without buying additional weather add-ons, Simbrief and other flight planning software (with live weather) is never going to be really productive as MSFS inside weather is different from current conditions.
  8. Sure that makes sense, I wouldn't want to be surprised by weather down to mins. But think the other way around, how about on take off ? We are doing our due diligence planning for a full flight, and yet there is no good way to do the whole trip with accurate or semi accurate depiction of anything close to low Visibility/winds...
  9. Hey everyone, So... i want to plan my flights in Sim brief or any flight planning software using live weather. How do I achieve that using metoblue's weather in MSFS ? Every time, I plan a flight the winds/clouds not to mention visibility are exact opposite to what is in the Metar. I am using mostly high altitude planes.. including A320N FBW. Am I being forced to buy aftermarket weather mods to get this like Active Sky in P3D ? or do any of you nice chaps here have a trick, or i have to resort to checking metoblue app and running the numbers in Simbrief like I do for now ? Cheers Matt
  10. my prayers have been half answered... new update with AI interaction (only when airborne)...... this is getting better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. The Pro flight emulator seems less sophisticated than the ProATCX that i am using right now. All the voices seem better in ProATCX. Only thing its too buggy for comfort. Does Pro flight emulator support navdata and SIDs STARs ? also it seems to give heading after take off rather than " turn direct to ASPK " star or something like that. am not sure if it depends on the region of flying done either. Too many bad reviews of Black box simulations.... I wish FSLABS make a proffesional version for Fsx ... or else i think i got to jump ship to P3D
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