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  1. my prayers have been half answered... new update with AI interaction (only when airborne)...... this is getting better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. The Pro flight emulator seems less sophisticated than the ProATCX that i am using right now. All the voices seem better in ProATCX. Only thing its too buggy for comfort. Does Pro flight emulator support navdata and SIDs STARs ? also it seems to give heading after take off rather than " turn direct to ASPK " star or something like that. am not sure if it depends on the region of flying done either. Too many bad reviews of Black box simulations.... I wish FSLABS make a proffesional version for Fsx ... or else i think i got to jump ship to P3D
  3. Hey Guys, I love the Boeing aircrafts by pmdg and captain sim to some extend. I think its time to move to the airbus to learn the systems !!!! ( pun Intended ). my queries are: Should i buy the airbus x or wait for the airbus extended ? or wait for the FSlabs version ? I look for in depth system simulations, so which is more simulated ? aerosoft or FSlabs . I ask this because i plan to do a lot of failures and ab normal checklist which go with it. Is Fslabs planing to do all the airbus aircrafts because their website shows A3XX which generally means all the airbus. With the development time i see that will be another 5 yrs ... :huh: I love to see a good ATC as well. i went ahead and bought the ProATC, which to my surprise isn't a finished product. Don't get me wrong it does work well, but most of the time its just frustrating. I paid close to 70 $ for it, thats PMDG and FSLABS money category. Its got Navdata updates this month after close to 5 months of releasing it. I hope it improves a lot. but i am willing to jump ship to better ATC all round. too many crashes on this one, you do flight for 2 hrs and it crashes it ain't good. :angry: Basically is there any new ATC ? Please advise Avid Pilot Mathew
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