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  1. Hi, I'm using the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog with the 777. The controller is calibrated in P3D and all axis are assigned in P3D (there are no assignments in FSUIPC). When I return the HOTAS throttle to the idle position the engines go slightly into reverse and the spoilers deploy, Its making taxiing really tough as i keep inadvertently deploying reverse which deletes take-off speeds. I don't have throttle issues with any other add-on aircraft. Any suggestions as to what is happening will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Were you trying to update to version 24 when it happened? I think that’s what started the Defender issues for me so I went back to version 23 but I’ve had to add an exclusion to Defender otherwise it keeps deleting DynamicReflectionMaker saying there is Trojan:Win32/Zpevdo.A
  3. Hi Folks, I’ve been using Tomato Shade for a couple of months with no issue but today I had an issue with Windows Defender thinking that the “DynamicReflectionMaker.exe” file is in fact a Trojan. Defender keeps quarantining the file and removing it from the Tomato Shade folder. Has anyone else had this issue? I’m running Windows 10, P3D V4.3 and Version 23 of Tomato Shade
  4. Ryan,I've tried the sound dll fix that you gave and ran a test flight in the 747x from KLAS to KSFO and it worked brilliantly, just a shame to miss all the other sounds. I was running UTX. GEX and REX with real world weather and also at the Dusk/Night transition. Also I was running UT2 with airline traffic set to 80% and GA to 60%. It all ran fine, I accessed the menus multiple times and was able to run an instant replay fine when landing at KSFO.Previously I was always getting the skeleton with the 747 on this flight, particularly when running an instant replay after landing in KSFO.I listed my system specs in a previous post but I'm one of the Asus P6T Deluxe V2 users, using onboard audio (although my X-Fi card caused the same issue on this rig)CheersRob Wilkinson
  5. It does seem that the majority of folks with issues here have the Asus P6T chipset motherboard in it various forms, as per Ryan's post above. What I find interesting is that I have a P6T V2 Deluxe board and I have issues both using the Onboard audio and also by using an X-Fi Xtremegamer card (whilst having motherboard audio disabled in the bios). The only reason I started using the Onboard audio was I could lower the sound quality futher in Vista than with the X-Fi.Prior to this rig I had a Q9650 running on an Asus P5E board, X38 chipset. On this I used the same X-Fi card and never had a single issue like I'm experiencing now.I'm wondering whether the P6T board fall over with any sound chipset, either onboard or standalone?Rob Wilkinson
  6. Ryan, thanks for starting this interesting and useful topic, appreciate the time you are putting into researching this. I too experience Issue #4. I have an Asus P6T Deluxe V2 with an i7 920. Currently I'm using the onboard SoundMax audio although I also had this issue with a Creative Labs X-FI in the same system.1. Have you ever seen this issue happen with the PMDG J41?Occasionally I see the flickering textures in the VC of the J41. This usually occurs in complex scenery airports and weather. I can stop the problem occurring by selecting the standard definition mode in the J41 config tool.2. Have you ever seen this happen in Windows XP (32 or 64-bit)?I used to use XP 32 and never saw this problem, only OOM3. Have you ever seen anything like this happen in FS9?No4. Have you ever seen this happen with a default aircraft or other aircraft you know to not be using custom sound?No5. Can you reproduce the issue on a completely clean