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  1. Hi Brian, I've checked your explanation but I must be not very witty (:() and I'm not sure I got it right: The numbers beside your layer order above are they referring to those appearing in the FSX scenery library or are they referring to scenery.cfg ? Thx for the coming info Claude
  2. Well as I said I reinstalled Win7 when I've decided at last to also implement WIn10 a few days before it stopped being free. So I did a dual boot for the reason that I was in the middle of an editing project under Adobe Creative Cloud CC 2014. My rule is never to change the version of the software in the middle of a project as the risk of incompatibility is very real. A guy I know made the terrible mistake and his whole project could not be finished three days before he had to deliver the video to his customer! When I'll be finished with my video editing, i'll transfer to 2017 version. Here with FSX it's not the same problem apart some of the addons so as you say in the long run Win7 will no more be maintained so I'll install a full new version under Win10 and erase FSX on Win7. Thanks again Claude
  3. Good morning Andy, Just a last question would you install Steam on windows 7 or windows 10, considering that I will completely uninstall Ms Fsx to prevent any problems and interference? Claude
  4. Thanks Andy, I was of course speaking of free addons, those I paid for should obviously be checked to get their update. I'll begin this tomorrow.Now it's 10pm in Paris, time to go to see Morpheus!lol!
  5. Hi Everybody, Many thanks to all of you for such details. To answer DaveCT2003 I possess the FSX professionnal and Acceleration pack latest version before MS decided to close its studios. For a few years I have not used the game due to personal and health problems. I reinstalled the game this week and had multiple problems with the menus and related short cuts, mainly crashes while saving flights which drove me mad! I tried to solve them applying the different solutions proposed here or on different websites without success and this motivates me to change to the Steam edition. But as I say I would not like to throw away tons of addons (planes, sceneries, etc) some as you may imagine costly. I have a backup of the installed addons so it will not be difficult for most of them to implement them on the new software. I'm not a newbie in software (used computers and developed software since 1972 for financial analysis and was considered a mad guy by my french colleagues at that time!!!). If I understand correctly Spesimen's advice, I can uninstall totally FSX and the related folders and after installing the Steam edition will have no problems to add to it in the correct folders the airplanes and sceneries I possess. As a precision my Steam edition will be installed on my Windows 7 Ultimate boot. I prefer to use Windows 10 pro for new software totally dedicated to this OS. I did that for Adobe Creative Cloud which I use for editing my videos. Moreover I dedicate a special disk to FSX. Tell me if these decisions would present a problem. I may sound very cautious but I'm always skeptic with the software producers tendency to say that things are great in the best of the worlds as far as their products are concerned!LOL! Claude
  6. Good morning, the question I'm asking has probably been dealt already but I did not find answers during my search. I may buy FSX-SE but my problem is to know precisely if my MS FSX addons i.e. planes and scenery especially those I paid for will be recognized and compatible by the new version? I'd be glad and grateful if one of you could give me a clear answer to that question. Thanks in advance Claude
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