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  1. Hello is your QNH set to standard ?? Regards Marc
  2. Hello Try with an IFR flight plan ? Regards Marc
  3. Roger ... just seen in the ReadMe. So I'll wait the future function :) Best Regards Marc
  4. Hello Mark, Just purchased the overhead and just one question. Where can I find the IP address to connect the OVH to my iPad ? If I check the QR Code for the 737 NGX I see only the CDU Left and right. Thanks in advance for your advice. Best Regards Marc
  5. Hello Paul, Thanks for your screenshots. Will have a try for my next flights.
  6. Hello Paul, Thanks for your work. Could you kindly precise which items are checked in your folder "Options" in the program shexview ?
  7. When you land try to use the reverse and you'll be OK after with your throttle. Best Regards Marc
  8. Hello Bryan, Thanks and waiting then for your advice.
  9. Hello Bryan, With a right click on the number of the T+ Marc
  10. Hi Bryan, The pause doesn't work with P3D v 2.5. Could you kindly check if it's a bug or not ? Thanks for your advice. I've the voice edition 1.3 installed Best Regards Marc
  11. or too slow :huh:
  12. Check your speed :P
  13. Ben, Very easy. It's written in the manual ! Click on the button DSP (must be OFF) !
  14. Hello Steve, Yes ... you're right. For the F/O's minimums nothing change after the approach check-list
  15. Hello Bryan, Just finished a flight and I confirm FO doesn't change the numbers just as well BARO as RADIO even after the approach brief. The only solution I've founded is to put on the PMDG Options in the FMC (Bloc Simulation leg 1/3) the "SYNC CAPT AND STBY BARO on YES.