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  1. Hiya. I have FSX + Acceleration installed in Windows 10 and everything used to be fine... I also have as add ons Pro flight yoke with throttles attached. and (And this is where I am coming unstuck). Proflight switch panel, Proflight Multi panel and Proflight Radio panel. When FSX boot up and often when other things happen within FSX the proflight Radio panel will flash 2 rows of zeros, as if booting up. but then all the panels are dark. Although all are recognised in the computer. Does anyone know what Might be causing my problem?
  2. I am unable to re-download two items that I have bought from Aerosoft. I have contacted the somewhat ironically titled "Help" desk and (After over a month and 10 to 15 exchanges of emails and "Forms") I am haveing great difficulty getting anything out of them that is not actually insulting. Fabian Boulegue is totally unhelpful. Very Arrogant. and should not be in his job (I have the emails as proof and am quite willing to share if required). Am I the only one who has experienced this? or is this typical of the company. ? He is actively going out of his way to not provide assistance. while attempting to demean the customer. I would like to know , before taking my complaints to the next level, if I am on my own ? Suffice to say, that this is NOT a company which I could recommend or will ever be doing business with again. My advice is not to touch them with a barge pole. thank you.
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