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  1. Thanks for the update. I am using the latest version from Avsim. Will search for the beta now.
  2. Hi,I wonder how the progress is coming on with the next/latest version of the shader model fix? Any info on this?Thanks
  3. I'm not sure if this has been introduced since adding the shader mod or not - just wondered was there a fix for it but changing lodbias in the fxh files. I am not using the updated water constants file so maybe I need it.
  4. Are there any similar tweaks I can use the code below in order to reduce autogen shimmering? I have added modified my terrain.fxh and water20.fhx with considerable improvements to my system running an ATI gfx card. Could I try something else for autogen?Another thing I notice are annoying reflections from buildings at the edge of the water. Also mountain outlines reflect in the water - these don't look pretty with smooth edges - very square and bouncy!ThanksCode I used:MipMapLodBias = (State_MipMapLodBias);
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