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  1. The Queen just look brilliant!😍 By the way, I am taking the opportunity to ask if the Vmin issue reported in ticket 293-233E5C7B-0429 from september 26 has been fixed for the upcoming PBR patch. Sorry for harping on about it, but it is conspicuous on final approach and slightly detracts considering the overall quality of this sim. Cheers,
  2. Actually, you cannot open any window in the flightdeck on either the -400 or the -8. If I am not mistaken, there are already some additional animations in the VC compared to previous products. Off the top of my head, the escape hatch and the sun blinds.
  3. I can understand you, but still, there is a passel of routes to fly. I mean there are about 108 747-800 flying(with about 40 more coming). So, simply flying every single route within LH, CX(freighter) and CV network should keep someone pretty busy. Then, the plane itself is very interesting. I mean it's the last iteration of the Queen of the skies, it is very nice step-up from the -400 with more advanced and modern systems as well as FBW. And, last but not least, it is, IMHO, a beautiful aircraft. Overall, I am very excited and looking forward to its release. In addition, in typical PMDG fashion, the -400 will likely benefit from a substantial update concurrently with the release of the -8i expansion. So it's all the more exciting. Cheers,
  4. Thanks for confirming Chris, I am looking forward to this major update which is seemingly shaping up to bring a host of fixes/improvements.
  5. The configuration doesn't matter, the spots where WRX mode, TCAS mode and NDP selection are displayed are always the same, regardless of the config or where the Aircraft sits. I have plenty of other pictures of 744 with CRT screens illustrating this. But as suggested by David, it could well be due to a different software version modeled by PMDG....I don't know and that's why I am genuinely asking for some insight on this forum, as there are likely some people reading this, who have a more intricate knowledge of the 747 and could potentially confirm or contradict my point. I am certainly not claiming this is bug, I simply claimed that I noticed this discrepancy between "some" real -400 and the PMDG simulation and I am merely trying to understand why prior to calling it a mistake.
  6. Hello there, I am starting this thread in an attempt to get more informed about the way information is dipslayed in the bottom left corner of the ND, which I suspect, might be wrong. It's also worth noting that, only aircrafts equipped with older CRT screens appear to be affected. So let's take a look at the navigation display of a real 747-400 with cathode ray tube displays: As we can see in the bottom left corner, we have starting from the top: -TCAS mode -Navigation Data points -WRX mode/Terrain Map info -VOR/ADF Now, let's compare this to the ND on PMDG's simulation. Still starting from the top, the order is the following: -Navigation Data points -WRX mode/Terrain map -TCAS mode -VOR/ADF So, actually my question is pretty simple: is this something that may have been modeled incorrectly by PMDG ? In order to prove me right or wrong, I am very much looking forward to hearing the input of anyone more familiar with the intricacies of the -400 than I am ;) Cheers,
  7. Hi Kevin, I am just repeating what I was told by Ryan back then. To be honest, I have never been fully convinced by this explaination but considering my knowledge in flightsim modeling is close to nonexistent, I couldn't venture to suggest how it should be done. This being said, I think you have got a very valid point and it might be interesting if anyone from PMDG was willing to shed some light on how they modeled the behavior of the wing when it comes to weight distribution and flexing. Over the weekend, I will go and try to find some more solid evidence that the wing spar droop is a bit too pronounced.
  8. Hello, While it's pretty clear that the wing droop too much, when I reported this issue to PMDG support over a year ago, I was explained it was done as best they could. Actually, the main reason for this would be yet another limitation of our simulation Platform, as fuel doesn't take up 3D volume in FSX/Prepar3d, it makes it particularly complicated to properly nail the flex effect from the fuel in the wing spar, as its volumes increases.
  9. Indeed, I concur with Neil and Iceman. It's very informative, and that's exactly what contributes to making a great product even better.
  10. I think these 2 screenshots illustrate quite well what James is talking about. As you can see, when HOLD mode first kicks in, N1 is right on the green line(93.9), however as the take off roll continues, we can observe an increase of N1,on the second screenshot N1 is at 95.5 whilst green line is 94.
  11. Hello, I think PMDG is more than aware of the issue. I also submitted a ticket last week about this abnormal N1 increase. Initially, I thought it concerned only the GE powered variants, but I also see this increase with both PW and RR variants of the plane. That being said, I think it's useless to insist. PMDG knows the issue exists, they will probably fix it for the first or second update. Yes it's a little annoying, but all we can do now is waiting calmly for this update to come out ;)
  12. Just to know, has there been any new development regarding this issue and on what could cause this ? (If it's actually an issue)
  13. Hello Louis, that's a very thorough analysis of how the FBW is supposed to work, really an interesting read. Anyway, if you really want to make PMDG of these issues, you should definetely submit a ticket on their support portal. There, you are sure you will get a proper answer, and if the bugs are indeed bugs, they will look into them
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