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  1. Yes thats also a bug that this reg doesnt exist as a repaint but you see it in the cockpit
  2. Hello, quick question....I have installed the latest version and just flown along the Northsea coastline from Westerland(EDXW) towards Hamburg and the Elbe river....I didnt see one single ship....nothing in the north sea, nothing on the Elbe River towards Hamburg? Traffic is set to 10% Any ideas? Thx in advance Mark
  3. Hi guys, after upgrading to 4.1 I get the message "rebuilding new scenery database/file" on every start up now. I didnt installed any new sceneries...any ideas why? Thanks in advance Mark
  4. Hi guys, please could you tell me which kind of AP is in the aircraft? Maybe with a picture and what function he has? Thx a lot in advance! Cheers, Mark
  5. Ok thx for the explanation. So i will keep using the XP Global Scenery as you mentioned it and use Ortho Mesh.
  6. Thx Pascal. I read several times that users both use HD Mesh plus Ortho4. Lets see the other replies
  7. Hell guys, just a quick question as i saw different postings and answers in the web. Is the Mesh HD V3 necessary if i use Ortho4xp or not? Thx for your help in advance Cheers, Mark
  8. Hi , I installed the 124th ATC Plugin in the respective folder as per manual but after starting X11 no ATC124 plug in is shown in the simulator? Any tips why this doesnt show up? Thx in advance Mark
  9. Ok thanks for the Feedback. I will Check it within the next flight if i get it under Control
  10. Has somebody else the same problem that after 5 min flight the left engine torque droppes down to 0 ? Right engine works normally....
  11. Framerate wise running very smooth on my P3Dv3. But after take off the left engine lost power, no chance to get him back
  12. Hi guys, after add SID/STARS and starting the aicontroller.exe i get a lot of messages regarding: "failed to built enhanced approach for airport xyz at runway xy..... What does that mean exactly and how can i resolve this issues? Thx Cheers, Mark
  13. Hello, I have problems with the 1.4 version in P3D V3 (latest version) After installing all with Admin Rights I cannot compile the scenery cfg. The strange thing is that I choose the P3D path for the scenery coorectly under Program Data.....and as you see it will be written under FSX?? http:// I have only P3D installed, no FSX version Anyone can help me? Thanks Rgds, Mark
  14. Just a quick question. There is no traffic seperation included right? I look for a program like AI Smooth in FSX to avoid 4 or 5 aircrafts flying on the ILS at the same time with me
  15. Hi Simbol, thank you very much for your answer again. Really appreciate it. I think I will get it under control on my further flights. As you mentioned I will have a closer look to the pwoer setting on take off ;-) But thanks again for your detailed answers and informations! Regards, Mark
  16. Hi Simbol, i made a flight tonight from LOWI to LDSP with your suggested settings. Trim was at 8.5 on take off. It was a little better after take off , gear was retracted but aircraft climb like a rocket again, not so extremly as before but i guess it was around 6000ft/min . I get it under control after switch on AP and adjust the climb around 4000ft/min and then climb to cruise level with your v/s settings. I will try another flight..... Regards, Mark
  17. Hi Simbol, really appreciate your detailed answer! Based on your datas I will give it a try tomorrow evening and will get back to you as soon as I can with a result. Regards, Mark
  18. Hi Simbol, thx for getting back to me: 1) AP is off on take off 2) Yes using a MS Joystick and i have two buttons for trim which I use on all other aircrafts without any issues 3) Yes I can use these buttons to change the trim seeting in the phenom, i use the joystick Regards, Mark
  19. Hello, maybe I over´saw the topic but i have a huge problem after take off with the 300. It climb like a rocket , nearly to stall and it is very hard to get it under control and make it a "normal" climb. The Trim is set in the green field between 7.5 and 7.7. Is there anything I make wrong? Thank you in advance for a quick help. I have the latest version of the Phenom installed. Cheers, Mark
  20. Hey guys, just want to bring my question up again: is there a way to avoid or to disable this realism/failure scenario feature? Any feedback really appreciate
  21. Is there a way to avoid or to disable this realism/failure scenario feature? Cheers, Mark
  22. Hi Philip, it is also my home airport and I'm happy as well wit the product (in FSX) but the AFCAD is more or less useless as no Airlines are assigned to the Gates and the Airlines park where they like even the GA Planes sitting on the Gate ;-)
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