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  1. My initial concern with FSX-SE has been fatal errors of the UIAutomationCore.dll variety, despite the fact that Steam has included this file in its download (unlike the original boxed version from 2006), and is the same exact one that everyone on YouTube videos from 2011 were saying to download at 3rd party sites to help w/ fatal errors on the boxed version. I'm not sure why the error as so named is occuring... I continue to experiment in an effort to stop it. I will say it seems pretty darn smooth w/o stutters for me, even btwn 30 & 60 f's... but I can only run it about 10 mins before CTD, so for me it feels like I'm running a "demo mode" that I paid $25 for! LOL However despite my initial frustation, I am optimistic and confident I will eventually get it figured out and soldier on. -- John
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