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  1. FS9 has some world texture errors, mostly in the East. Anyone know of any fixes? Check this video I made of the error.
  2. I too was looking for the BASE PACK of the 747-400F, too bad. I don't know why they deleted it, they still sell the 747-400 for FS9.
  3. Does anyone know if there is an expansion pack for the FS9 PMDG 747-400. Looking for the 747-400F add on. I see some new paints on Precisionmanuals but not the Base pack of the 747-400F. Let me know.
  4. I sent you a message with my info. Thanks I appreciate it a lot.
  5. Hi, thanks but the link he has is dead. I can't sign up on that website since it won't accept my yahoo email. Thanks anyway. If I can get the Russian written version I can translate it to English.
  6. Can I get a list of the crew sounds in the aircraft? I want to create my own English sounds like in the Yak-40.
  7. Thanks that helps a lot. B) :rolleyes:
  8. My two and half hour flight from KPAE to KLAX. Enjoy.
  9. How do I setup up the ILS for approach at an airport? There is a frequency for each airport so where do I go on the navigator panel to set it up. I know where to activate it on the autopilot, I just need to know where to set it up for a specific airport. I just had a long flight for about 2 and half hours. I'll post a video soon on YouTube for that flight. Happy flying.
  10. Yes it is very nice, love it. Now I can do flight plans and just follow the heading. Since it can't follow the GPS, but no problem there, just check the map and follow the heading.
  11. Thanks the cessna battery did it.whoohoo I added 3d lights enjoy
  12. I can't use the English forum they will not accept my yahoo e-mail. I don't have internet at home. I get online at the library or a coffee shop. Thanks anyway.
  13. Thanks for the help guys. :rolleyes: B)
  14. Mr. Watson I have found the problem with the Tu-134 electric system glitch. It seems that you have to load the aircraft after opening FS9. If the aircraft is open after entering FS9 you will get the electric failure. I have done several test and the conclusion is load the aircraft first before you enter FS9. Also if you exit the aircraft you must be in the 2d panel to avoid crashing FS9. This is also true if you go to the start up screen, don't do it. Exit FS9 completely. Load FS9 again as always. Conclusion, always load the aircraft and not a saved point in the simulator. Happy flying. In flight this lights comes on and turns off. Do I need to be concerned? In the electric panel above number 35 in the picture, there are 4 lights. The one to the left is always on but the second light next to it turn on in flight, what does that mean?
  15. Well this aircraft has that little electrical glitch. Got a question. What does this panel do? [Window09] file=skv.bmp size_mm=1024,768 window_size_ratio=1.00 position=8 ident=10009 visible=0 nomenu=0 gauge00=scs_tu134!VAR-C, 912,656,100,100 gauge01=scs_tu134!URVK, 642,656,100,100 gauge02=scs_tu134!UVPD, 392,656,100,100 gauge03=scs_tu134!URV, 792,656,100,100 gauge04=scs_tu134!TUE-48, 516,656,72,72 gauge07=scs_tu134!ext_vent, 334,95,24,60 gauge08=scs_tu134!apu_bleed, 372,95,24,60 gauge09=scs_tu134!sw_depress, 177,95,24,60 gauge10=scs_tu134!sw_th, 487,107,53,53 gauge11=scs_tu134!sw_vvr, 552,107,53,53 gauge12=scs_tu134!sw_crew, 617,107,53,53 gauge13=scs_tu134!sw_cab_forw, 684,107,53,53 gauge14=scs_tu134!sw__cab_back, 748,107,53,53 gauge28=scs_tu134!sw_bleed_air_l, 222,107,18,52 gauge29=scs_tu134!sw_bleed_air_r, 262,107,18,52 gauge30=scs_tu134!sw_art_power, 450,107,18,52 gauge31=scs_tu134!ext_vent_lamp, 304,113,20,20 gauge32=scs_tu134!apu_vent_lamp, 411,113,20,20 gauge33=scs_tu134!overpress_lamp, 563,740,20,20 gauge34=scs_tu134!left_bleed_lamp, 743,660,20,20 gauge35=scs_tu134!right_bleed_lamp, 769,660,20,20 gauge36=scs_tu134!tue_galet, 603,668,25,45 Looks like its related to the APU and electrical system mmmm
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