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  1. My bad it is HF1 OF P3D V5.
  2. Still no joy. As soon as I install and use the GTN suite I have a big stutter every 5 seconds or so. Without it everything is smooth.
  3. I reinstalled both 750 and 650 with a new scenario on the African continent and same issue again. I'll play with settings a bit more.
  4. I will reinstall and try a different scenery to see how it goes.
  5. 1. Flight sim scenery 2. Version = V5 hf2 3. Scenery addons : Orbx Global LC 4. A2A C182 5. Not happening with other addons 6. No change on CPU Affinity.
  6. Did some of you experienced some bumps with the GTN? When in a turn you can see the scenery bumping every few seconds. When using the other GTN system everything is smooth. I tried the half refresh rate but no joy.
  7. irondan


    My settings are medium to high I would say, I am running the Maddog in the high 30s and low 40s fps (and smooth) in airports like Fly Tampa CYUL or Flight Beam KDEN and KPDX. I got the usual ORBX Global and LC plus Active Sky.
  8. With an I7 3770k turbo at 3.9 and a 2070 Super, what kind of performance I can get with the FsLabs 320X ? Thanks
  9. That 787 looks pretty cool. Looks like they have improved the product a lot over the past year.
  10. Got the Majestic Q400 and the MaddogX. Both amazing aircraft but the MaddogX is quite something cause it gives me the same feeling when I use to fly as a SENSO in the CH-124 Sea King. Thanks for your advice. Having a lot of fun right now.
  11. Thanks for all the inputs gents. The new 737 seems a bit too hungry for my system. My CPU is 3.5 turbo at 3.9 and my GPU is 2070 Super. Thanks Dave for your post. Really informative. Looks like the Q400 will get install on my PC tonight.
  12. I am almost at the point of having the dog choose for me between the two by pointing with it's nose. I am sure I will be happy with either choice. Thanks for your advice gents.
  13. I am aware about the quality of FSlabs and as a real life aviator (RCAF Senso) I love when systems are modelled almost 100% but still the price is too high. I think I will narrow it down between Majestic and the 717.
  14. Hey friends I need some advice here. I am looking to get one small airliner.I am looking at the Aerosoft Airbus (318-321), their CRJ and TFDI 717. I have checked the FSlabs Airbus but the at 200$ Cdn it is way too expensive. I you can help me with pros and cons in a constructive manner it would be helpful. If there are some other aircraft I missed let me know. Thanks for your help.
  15. Are you using it on top of Enhance atmosphere/true clouds?
  16. Is it gonna help with the VRAM usage ?
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