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  1. Thank you all - I am glad to have this answer. I'm the kind of geek who loves the systems and flight planning (engineer by profession) but really loves flying (real world PPL) the closest thing to aircraft I'll never be able to touch in real life. The DC-6 is just terrific to me and the INOP autofeather is not diminishing my enjoyment of this fine simulation one bit. I'd be happy to have the system working after a future update but an "INOP" label would work OK too.
  2. i think the regular feather check is different from (or in addition to) the autofeather checks. i haven't seen it addressed in any of DC-6 / C-118 documentation i've found on the web. And it does seem that ypu do have to be pretty quick with pusing/pulling the manual feather switch to keep engine RPM from decreasinto the point of engine stop during a manual check. Marc Musgrove
  3. First - love, love, love the DC-6! But I do have questions and i cant find the answers in the documentation (if they are there please be kind when pointing it out to me). Does the simulation model autofeather? if so how it is enabled/disabled? How are the autofeather test switches to be used? What makes the blue lamps near the autofeather switchs illuminate? i think i understand how to test manual feather during runup with the feather push/pull switches (set 1500 RPM, push manual feather switch in, look for appx 300 RPM drop, pull switch back out) but if that's wrong please correct me. Many thanks for a very fine simulation! Marc Musgrove
  4. demuss

    Joe, a few issues I need help with

    Thanks very much for your reply - I have no doubts that you will fix the issues and make the MU-2 even more fun to fly!
  5. demuss

    Joe, a few issues I need help with

    So here's an update. I disabled Accusim effects on my system and found that the ground wobbles went away completely. One could probably fine-tune the Accusim settings to eliminate the ground wobbles and keep the other features, but at this point I have not done so. I do have the FSUIPC surface friction lua script running and have found it easy to control taxi speed and to get it stopped on the runway. I have been very satisfied with the in-flight stability and have not had the landing difficulties that others have reported. The avionics issues are the biggest concern to me. I'd like the AP/FD to work a bit more realistically (or what I imagine to be more realistically - smoother I guess). I'd like to be able to perform a precision approach with the AP/FD, both ILS and LPV. I'd like the RMI ADF and VOR needles to work. I'd like the HSI DME and the other DME indicator to work in a way that I can understand. Minor stuff - fix the beacons - it is such a pretty airplane it would really shine with the beacons displayed correctly. Really minor stuff - the OAT guage does not work; it stays pegged at the lower end of the scale. Having said all that I want to be clear that I do not regret my purchase at all. Hand-flying the model is a lot of fun and feels "right" to me (realistic or not I can't say - never been in a MU-2 much less flown one). The basic AP/FD functions work and the GTN 750 integration is fine. I also have faith that Flysimware, unlike some vendors (C******o - you know who you are), will fix these problems. I am a bit surprised that the developers haven't been more active in the forums since the release, but I know that they have real jobs too. Marc Musgrove
  6. demuss

    Joe, a few issues I need help with

    Hi - It does feel a bit wobbly on the ground but it hasn't kept me from flying it, and may be real-world behaviour. I also agree with the comments on the beacons - I kinda see how they are supposed to oscillate rather than rotate but they are mostly steady bright red lights. I don't think the AP/FD is quite right. When I set the FD/AP for HDG and a reasonable pitch up on the command bars for take off and then engage the AP in a stabilized attitude and heading (flying the command bars) the airplane makes a couple of sloppy oscillations in pitch and roll before settling down. Like others have reported I have been unable to perform a precision approach - the annuciators on the AP panel for APR ARM or CAP never light up. I can't figure out the RMI at all. No matter what NDB or VOR frequency is tuned, both RMI needles point directly at the nose when ADF is selected and directly at the tail when VOR is selected. The DME display in the HSI does not show distance information from any waypoint in the GTN 750. It appears to display the DME reading from VOR2. The separate DME readout panel also seems to show DME from NAV2 regardless of which VOR is selected. I'm by no means an expert and have no time in a MU-2, but I am a RW pilot and have flown aircraft with a pretty sophisticated AP/FD (and RMI); this isn't how it is supposed to work. I've read the manual but if anyone can point out anything I've overlooked or offer any other suggestions I would appreciate it. Great airplane to model, and this version has a lot of potential. Based on my experience with your 402 and 441 models I have no doubt that these issues will be fixed. Many thanks, Marc Musgrove
  7. demuss


    Thank you - I've just downloaded it. Normally Simmarket sends out an email, but it is a holiday weekend after all - so completely understandable that they didn't.
  8. demuss


    Thank you for your response. I've purchased dozens of add-ons from Simmarket over the past several years and have never had any cause for dissatisfaction with their service. I was under the impression that they posted updates promptly, although I don't know that I have waited as eagerly and watched as closely for any previous update. I am really enjoying the 441 - thanks so much for this fine model. I'm also looking forward to the MU-2; a neat airplane in real life that should be great in FSX.
  9. demuss


    why come simmarket still no hab 1.5?
  10. I just installed the Carenado patch and it fixed the buttons around the RXP GNS units. It also seems to have eliminated the menu box that you had to check after loading the plane to use the RXP units. After I ran the RXP installer program the airplane loaded with both RXP units in the panel.Thanks Carenado for a very fast fix! Now, about that ICE DOOR, AUTO IGNITION, TAXI LIGHT...
  11. Thanks - I reported it as well. I got a message from Carenado support this morning stating that they are working on a patch for it so I'm sure this will be fixed soon. This bug is the biggest issue but not the only one. Of course, some of the issues may be because I don't know what I'm doing!It does appear to me that the ICE DOOR switch does nothing. I would expect a drop in torque and the ICE DOOR indicator to change but it doesn't. Likewise placing the IGNITION switch in the AUTO mode results in the IGNITION indicator staying lit continuously. I would expect the IGNITION indicator to only come on when torque was reduced below a certain value, not stay on continuously. The TAXI LIGHTS switch is labeled as three position switch (PULSE / TAXI / OFF) but it only has two positions, TAXI and OFF.Obviously none of these are dealbreakers and I really do enjoy flying the plane. The flight dynamics feel very real to me, and it is beautiful to look at like all Carenado aircraft.I still wish some of these small problems could be fixed. Or maybe it is just me? Anyone else observed these switch problems?
  12. Yes, it is a problem with the 430/530 combination as well. Has anyone reported this to Carenado? As this is an unofficial forum perhaps I shouldn't assume they will see this problem and instead report it to them directly. I tried the RXP transponder and audio panel; they worked fine but their apperance didn't match, They had bright silver panels rather than black to match the other avionics, Other than that they worked. Obviously all of Carenado's customers wouldn't have those addons.
  13. Neat airplane, a lot to like. However, I have noticed one problem when RXP GNS are enabled (I have both the 430 and 530).After selecting RXP from the window (I haven't performed the XML edit) they units appear and work just fine. However, several buttons on avionics around the GNS no longer work. None of the buttons on the digital transponder work, I can't tune the ADF, nor can I increase / decrease the radar range.Any other RXP users experiencing this? The buttons work fine with the Carenado GNS units installed.