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  1. Yeah I just tried to re-arrange the priorities of the sceneries and the effects worked at KLAX but it looked weird because it was using the default FSX Runway with no numbers. As soon I restarted FSX: SE and it adjusted the scenery automatically, all throughout the airport there are no effects for rain whatsoever. It's kind of sad I spent on it to fly mostly from there. I guess I will see if there are any other airports I use that don't work. I really love KLAX but no effects except the landing smoke that still works though. (T__T)
  2. Yeah I can confirm uninstalling all effects does nothing to make the effects come up on KLAX overall using the FSD version. I tried the airport next to it and can confirm I do have effects running. What is weird though is that when you land the effects show up but nothing on the water spray type thing. I did find a excerpt in the manual stating this: Design Notes This scenery has been made using brand new design methods in FSX. The challenge was to create such large airport, without compromising quality and texture sharpness on ground. Because of this, new design methods, based on native FSX Shaders had to be implemented, and our .DLL module Addon Manager, is helping to bypass some limitations of the FSX SDK, that will not normally allow to use native FSX shaders and fully custom ground textures, without visual artifacts. In order to enjoy the scenery at its fullest, we suggest the following: • Keep the “Mesh Resolution” slider at 5m/pixel, and the “Mesh Complexity” slider at 100. With less resolution, some visual problems might appear. • If you have an ATI video card, don’t use the “Adaptive Antialiasing” feature, because it will cause visual problems on the ground. • Due to the technique used, there might be some areas of the scenery that don’t show the user airplane shadow correctly, this is normal, and it only happen in a few places. • Late in the afternoon, or early down, the Shader effects on the ground are more visible, since the sunlight comes from an angle that makes the Bump mapping and Specular mapping used on the concrete more apparent. • On your Video Card control panel, set the “Anisotropic Filter” to 8x or 16x, don’t use the default “Application Controlled” setting • IMPORTANT - On the Addon Manager menu, be sure you have the “Force HD Textures” option ENABLED! This is very important in order to enjoy the scenery at its full quality, since it enables the usage of 4096x4096 texture resolution, which is how most of the textures in the scenery were designed for. This is what it states, not sure if it is what you mean but I can confirm no effects being shown at KLAX whether installed or uninstalled. I thought it may have been an issue caused by Megascenery but KHHR shows effects and is within the SoCal scenery as well I have not tried to install the effects and run on KHHR but there are effects when unistalled though. Hope this information helps.
  3. I recently bought and installed PrecipitFX not too long ago. I ran into an issue which seems to not recognize its on a runway for some reason. Whenever I throttle up to try and call the effects in a weather storm, I have no effects! When I go to TNCM though or even to the KLAS Airport from FSDreamteam, I do see the effects. Its weird, its only at KLAX for some reason. Could there be an issue with KLAX? I am also using Socal Scenery by Megascenery, is there something I can do to actually make the effects run on that particular airport?
  4. Very, very awesome I'll patiently wait for it then, for whenever its ready. Thanks for your response, Keven. Raul
  5. I see how awesome the effects are for the 777 but my favorite plane is the 737. I know this is for support inquiries, but where else am i going to post for an answer on this topic. I know I can't be the only one wanting this effect for the 737NGX. I am genuinely interested in the product as well as your Precipitation FX, but would much rather have a 737 immersion version to buy right now. Please let me know if this is at all being considered or even a possibility to happen with the NGX. Thank you in advance, Raul
  6. +1...Would love to see All Nippon Airways done as on the PMDG 747X.
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