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  1. @Ryan I thought so too, so I have deinstalled Mallorca X completely and did the same approach with the default FSX LEPA scenery. Same issue still. I have no idea how to solve this issue, suggestions are welcome :)Have reinstalled Mallorca X and did the same approach again, but still the same issue. Have a FRAPS clip of the last part of the approach if you are interested (can't attach it, too big). At around 450 ft the problems start. First the speed starts to fluctuate, next the GS diamond suddenly drops sharply and the autoland falls apart.
  2. On approach for RW 06L at LEPA, the NGX (configured for autoland with LAND 3 annunciation displayed) correctly tracking LOC + GS from 1700 ft down, suddenly at 300 ft stopped tracking the GS, stayed almost level with autothrotle increasing the power setting to remain in flight, and after crossing the RW threshold tried to land with a steep dive ending in disaster. I have retried the approach, same result. Don't have the problem with other autoland approaches like EHAM e.g. Anybody experienced something similar? NGX problem or LEPA scenery (Aerosoft Mallorca X) problem?
  3. Thanks for your reply Jim, appreciate it. I did check out the hardware forum. Not just on AVSIM, but also those of the manufacturers of the most important system components (ASUS, NVidia, Intel, OCZ and Corsair). Posts I found there confirmed my own findings with the OC, benchmark and monitoring tools, that when my hardware runs with out-of-the-box settings, or on a stable OC, it performs as can be expected given the system components. One conclusion I can draw from that, i think, is that any potential lack of performance in FSX is not caused by malfunctioning/broken hardware. Still leaves open the possibility that the interaction between FSX and the hardware is the culprit. A comparison of settings and performance flying the same scenario would at least clarify whether current performance is normal or not.Best regards,Jeroen.
  4. I have assembled a new PC (not dedicated for FSX, see my sig for specs) and am looking for simmers with similar setups (see my sig pls.) to compare hardware and FSX setup and performance. The reason is that in FSX the FPS are not that high (15-30), fluctuate a lot, while at the same time my OC-ed hardware is running at 30-40% of it's maximum capacity. I have tested the performance of the hardware in separate tests using OC, benchmark and monitoring tools - benchmark results are in line with online published results). I have read a lot of forum posts regarding (tweaking and tuning) FSX and my hardware (ASUS, NVIDIA, overclockers, etc.), but have not found any 'solution' that made a lot of difference. I have done the obvious things as tweaking and tuning my FSX.CFG on Bojote's website, using an external frame limiter, tuning the NVIDIA driver settings with Nvidia Inspector, etc., but my FPS don't go up, unless I change the slider settings in FSX. Since I have no idea what sort of performance other simmers get with similar riggs, I have no idea if the FPS I currently get are normal for my setup, or whether there is a bottleneck I missed or mistake I have made. So I would like to meet simmers with similar setups and compare hardware and FSX settings and performance. Hope some of you will volunteer :)
  5. Hi Rick, came across your post and wondered what FSX Display Settings you're using to get 27/30 fps at EHAM. Are all sliders set to the max and are all quality options checked or do you have a mix of settings?
  6. Just straight out of the package, radiator screwed against the underside of the roof frame of the chassis, the double fan package of the H100 screwed on top of the roof frame of the chassis (fans and radiator are thus screwed together with only the roof frame of the chassis between them). The fans are covered only with a meshed top that comes with the chassis and allows the fans to suck in all the air they need. With no load temp is around 28-30C, full load raises it to max 59-60C (running prime95 for an hour to check OC stability). Two more fans in the chassis, one at the side, one at the back, both sucking the air out of the chassis (H100 is sucking the air into the chassis). One more fan attached to the power unit, sucks in air from the front of the chassis. So cool air is sucked in from the top and front, warm air is sucked out at the back and side.
  7. 1.496 according to ROG CPU-Z. I've set it to 1.5 in BIOS, so close enough.
  8. After reading a lot of reviews, tests and benchmarks, I've installed the Corsair H-100 and now OC my i7-2600K to 5.0 GHz without a sweat. Temp at sustained full load on all cores never gets above 60C (room temp 21C-23C). I'm still in the process of determining how far this setup can be overclocked. So far I have only used the multiplier and not tinkered with any of the other parameters on the mobo. So it's gonna take me a while to find the max. stable OC for my rigg.
  9. I agree that after flying the NGX, other FSX planes look pre-WWII. But I have flown both the Queen and the MD11 today and they still fly and look great. Not as great as they used to be, but hey...doesn't that work the same way for us ''pilots''
  10. After installing the 2987 hotfix I flew from EHAM (Amsterdam) to LPPT (Lisbon) without a single panel freeze. Seems like the hotfix fixed something!Great work PMDG!
  11. @Dougal: that's actually why I asked in the first place. The longer it takes for them to complete the training modules, the more likely it will be that we will have collected the information covered in the training modules from other sources. No doubt less well presented maybe, but still. I was just wondering whether it was still worth while to sign up for the AoA training. To be honest, I don't know yet
  12. Just incase other ppl experience this problem and wonder how to solve it. It is actually quite easy, once you know it has to do with the KLM livery. After the release of the NGX I downloaded the KLM livery for the 900/WL version (file was date stamped aug 5th). I never looked in the download/livery section again, because i had no idea it had anything to do with the livery. However, on aug 16th an update was provided for that KLM livery that fixes the cabin lighting problem. So...just download the KLM livery update for the 900/WL version (date stamped aug 16th) and install the new file...problem solved.
  13. Thank you all for your replies and input, very helpful.
  14. I noticed that the info on the AoA website w.r.t. their NGX training has not changed since the NGX was released.They state on the website that only one training module has been completed, that the others will take several months to complete and that training will start in 10-14 days (?)Has anybody signed up with AoA for the NGX training and if so, could he/she pls. let us know what AoA is communicating to it's trainees w.r.t. the availability of the other NGX training modules and if the quality of the finished module is as good as they claim it is. Thanks!
  15. Found another thread in this forum in which the KLM livery is mentioned as the cause. I'm also using the KLM livery (800/900 WL versions). I don't know much about livery design, so can anybody please explain what's wrong with the KLM livery and if it can be fixed so that the cabin lighting does show on the outside of the airplane? Thanks!
  16. All lights on the NGX are visible (and can be switched on/off with the corresponding switches), except for the cabin lights. They don't show on the airplane. I've tried the Automatic/Manual and the 50-100% settings in the NGX Options (FMC interface), but no results. I have no idea what's causing it. Anybody having the same problem (and hopefully having the solution)?
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