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  1. Wow, thanks for the fast reply! I actually bought EnvShade two days ago after reading your thread. 🙂 Now implementing your settings...
  2. Hi Gerard! Any chance you can share your settings? They look amazing! Thanks!
  3. Do you mean that the plane just bounces around? Yes - and I just saw that I forgot to mention that in my initial post (I'm getting old too 😉) - sorry. That is why I was hoping for another solution.
  4. Hi Nico! Yes, it is free. Download is here: Externalsim 2.5.0 The download includes the documentation. Basically you install three programs, the Addon for P3D, the Router and the Configuration Editor. You also need the aircraft model here. 34 page long Thread with info/discussion on the Aerowinx Forum. Very awesome of you to look into it! Cheers, Erich
  5. Yes, traffic was on the TCAS. WidePSX has its own module for transferring AI traffic to PSX. PSX.Net.P3D.Externalsim does that too, just couldn't test it with PSXseeconTraffic, only the P3D provided traffic bgls. I see. So not checking for user flyable aircraft, or making an exception for externalsim with a type of all the 747s would probably mess up PSXT? I read that vPilot works with Externalsim, though I have no idea which variables that program requires. Cheers, Erich
  6. Nico, thanks for your quick post. Instead of PSX.Net.P3D.Externalsim I set up the trial version of WidePSX and got it working today, together with PSXT and RT. Traffic get populated and I tried a quick landing in FRA with the situation in PSX. Worked fine, though I only had time for a short test. Obviously the PSX Server & Boost Server & WidePSX are running on a different machine from P3D & PSXT & RT as they are using the same port for listening. Can I test further or is there a stumbling block somewhere that I don't know of? Obviously I'm still interested if it is possible to enable PSXT for Externalsim "aircraft". Cheers, Erich
  7. Hi Nico! I started using PSXseeconTraffic in June and really like it. A few days ago I got into PSX again and of course wanted to use your live AI traffic with it. But as PSX.Net.P3D.Externalsim uses "category=Externalsim" in the "[General]" part of aircraft.cfg PSXT stops working (or doesn't even generate traffic if you start if with the externally driven plane running). The error I get is "Error 71" though the "atc_model" is set. Is there any chance to allow this category too for PSXT? Cheers, Erich
  8. It is really weird, upping the integral lights to 100 helped somewhat (the value has to be entered into the flood lights LSK though, there seems to be a crossover between these two settings) and now the lights are visible when it is dark outside. During dusk & dawn they are barely readable though, I have to enable the floods for that - the 777 doesn't have this problem. So, am I looking at 'realism' (e.g. use floods during transition periods) or 'rendering/intensity' problems? Cheers, Erich Kargl
  9. Yeah, I have this problem too - 777 works, 744 & 748 not (just bought the Queen before the release of the -8). Even turning the integral lights up full shows me nothing, floods work though. Cheers, Erich Kargl
  10. Hi Mark! I've bought your CDU for the 777 recently and have to say: PLEASE release one for the FSLabs 319/320. Yours is so much better, doesn't miss keypresses, etc. I'm also ready for helping you test if you need it!
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