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  1. Alright guys. I guess I solved it. I adjusted both values to 100 and tried the different HDR adjustment levels. Without HDR activated in P3D I had absolutely no effect. Activating HDR and putting it to HIGH only improved it marginally. I then deactivated HDR again (as I usually fly without it), set it back to NO adjustment level and reloaded the plane. To be precise I switched from the -8 to the -400. Suddenly it works like a charm. Tried switching back to the -8 and works too. Thanks for all the input! Have a great day folks. Marc Hotul
  2. Sorry for the inconvenience! I have corrected my post. I filed a ticket and their answer was to check the "new lighting settings in the fmc". Does anybody have a clue where to find these settings? I am searching like stupid and can't seem to find it. Cheers, Marc Hotul
  3. Dear Developers, Since the installation of the new version of the 744 and the 748 into P3D v4.3 my integral lights are suffering from low intensitiy. I did 2 full and clean installations of both products and the problem still persists. Marc Hotul
  4. Most of this comes down to licensing cost, not future developments. Those future development efforts you are talking about are maybe taking up 5$ of the 20$. Robert stated that during the transition phase to P3D. I am not even blaming PMDG! They develop exceptional aircraft and are a one of a kind developer. This is just Lockheed Martin‘s pure greed. Marc
  5. 40% price increase from FSX to the P3D version?? Just for RainMaker? This is pure blasphemy and the reason why I switched to X-Plane! Trashheed Moneytin at it‘s best.... Marc
  6. Hello! I activated my 747 before I made a clean installation of WIndows 10. After the installation of Windows, the 747 stopped working. The activation dialog does not come up, so I guess it has something to do with the activation. Thank you and best regards. Marcel
  7. LH1711

    Master caution light

    I have the same problem. Appeared in climb out of KPAE. No amber messages on EICAS, not even if clicking RECALL
  8. LH1711

    PMDG 777 liveries

    And for the 777F please paint AeroLogic and Lufthansa Cargo. Lufthansa Cargo will receive their first 777F this year.