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  1. Hello, Yes, nearly. Like the "630" but rectangular :) By watching this product: You said, it is easy to create objects. Well, what about ground-pictures? I kept very good shots for my project. Can I also convert them to an big object that shows an apron? (in case, that the ground is not pixeled, when you test it in FS)But even I could not create a full apron, the application looks good. You have any experience?I reflect the night
  2. Hi Dietmar,thanks for your advices!I think I have to create my object with gMax now. There will be no other way :(I hope, it is not to difficult, to build with that engine. Mh...But normally, it should not be a big problem, because the signs are flat and just lay on the ground!?Has anyone a good & easy tutorial espeacially for creating ground-markings in gMax?Regards Marcel ;-)Post Scriptum: Nice people here, they really give helpful hints :(
  3. Hey Sir David,thanks for your answer, too :) Yes, that is something I meant. Sidney has a lot of objects I like. But not all of them have a thumbnail, therefore it is hard for me, to view them. I have to export everytime my airport, because I
  4. Hey you two,first I like to say thank you for your quick answers!I think it was a big misunderstand, cause I explain my problem wrong. I
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