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  1. My MSFS came from the Microsoft Store. I have given up using it for now as the "MANDATORY UPDATE" chews TIME which I don't have. My new PC is a power hog when in MSFS. 450 Watts for 24 hours is steep. The download speeds seem to have got worse ? I'm back to FSX for now with my C130 and Air Hauler 2 setup. P3D is being considered.
  2. I have an Intel I5 non OC and an Nvidia 1050 Vid card. (Not much at all), I am using an old Microsoft FF 2 joystick. My sim also suffers from instability, especially in elevator pitch. Reading the other notes I decided to derate the graphic settings. 30 fps, Render scaling 80, LOD 50, etc., Whatever could be done without, shadows , etc was either set low or turned off. This did SEEM to improve aircraft stability. I also have a new 5 GIG OC intel and a 3080 graphics monster + a Warthog setup which I have not fiddled with yet as FS2020 is still undergoing many changes. I also prefer to fly heavy freight STOL aircraft so I will have a long wait for any of them.
  3. Unable to get a replacement for my z77 motherboard I updated to a z270/ I5 Kabylake kit. Then I found out that the new motherboards were not supposed to be Windows 7 friendly. ( Planned obsolescence ?) . Reports of successful Windows 7 installations prompted me to test the theory. My main reason for using my original SSD complete with all apps and FSX was to avoid the tedium of reinstallation of everything ( Also to keep the current Windows updates ) . Selected the Win 7 SSD as boot and off we went. After many "Black screens of death" and despite an incompatible dvd ( Found a working one) the Asus Windows 7 driver installation section installed sufficient drivers to get the show on the road. The Realtek audio required a reinstall of the Win 7 one to function properly. The Nvidia 1050 graphics card drivers worked fine. My old wireless hardware was incompatible but the Ethernet line was ok. Printer ok, Logitek force feedback joystick ok, Nostromo Speedpad ok, Sd reader ok, Multi screen ok, Trashed Last Pass manager and Firefox so had to use Chrome and use my password hard copy. To suppress the MS nag about "Unsupported Hardware" I used an internet patch "aio-wuaueng" which so far has worked without holding me to ransom. Whether or not I will receive any more Win 7 updates is not critical. My expensive Windows 10 is to be installed on my old SSD and used as a second boot and "researched" as to its value.
  4. I suppose my post relates to hardware so I will end it by informing the readers that I have got FSX to run now. Because of the traumatic change of drivers,etc any peripherals,etc will have to be checked for compatibility and reinstalled if necessary. My graphic card drivers were ms standard ones. New drivers fixed that. Making it difficult to migrate Windows 7 to this new stuff certainly gets the ancient grey matter buzzing!. My Windows 7 is updated to May 15th so so I guess I can do without anymore updates as threatened. Maybe I don't have to register it either?
  5. My beloved Z77 board had an unfortunate accident and I have moved up to the Kabylake Intel 1151 z270 motherboard and Kabylake I5 CPU. I have managed to get my Windows 7 ssd to install the new drivers, keeping my installed updates, apps and data. However I am having a problem with FSX. It finds my graphics card (Nvidia 1050 excellent on the z77) unsuitable in all compatibility modes. On FSX start up the display does not change modes as it did with the Z77 setup. The MS/Intel/Trump/etc consortium have done a good job of alienating a lot of us from them!. Any enlightenment would be welcome!
  6. Excellent LET 410 ! I might have a go at X-Plane 10. Thanks for the tip. :smile:
  7. Surprise!, Surprise!, I haven't looked at this topic for a long time and noticed the Citywing repaint project mentioned in reply 39. I flew in the Citywing LET 410 and enjoyed the "seat of the pants" flight to Blackpool. This resulted in my looking for a LET 410 to adapt to FSX and repaint it in Citywing livery. My picture of the paint job in reply 33 seems to have disappeared. ( Cyberspace? ) :smile: I never published the livery because I wasn't too sure about copyrights,etc.,
  8. In my 20's I flew a C152 up to solo status but my eye test rendered soloing a no no (draconian South African rules). The doctor suggested that I take up soaring ( I wish that I had ). 25 years later I took up soaring and found it to be a wonderful experience. Our 2nd world war runways at Andreas ( IOM ) needed pinpoint precision landings. Pulling 3~4 G in a Blanik doing a loop has to be experienced. A Blanik in a spin is out of this world! Alas, there is no substitute for real seat of the pants flying. The absence of the instructor in the back seat of an ancient K2 glider on the first solo really focuses the mind!!. High blood pressure and the resulting damage to my left eye stopped all real flying. I enjoy simming because: No need to do walkabouts, instrument checks or other jobs if you don't want to. The call to dinner or tea = the pause button. Engineless flying has a drawback in my sim in that I tend to do gliding approaches to runways. It is also very cheap to crash trying to land at some of the difficult airstrips. Basically certain routines can be practiced on the sim but there is no way to simulate the varying G forces of reality.
  9. My Win7 PC is used for all of my Photoshopping/PagePlussing and other computer related tasks. I have used Kaspersky for many years and have had no problems as I try to be cautious with email attachments and suspicious looking sites. My Internet Provider has a pretty good email interceptor and has reported some dodgy attachments in the past. As I have my FSX in the C: drive (SSD) I have UAC disabled. My Netgear modem/router regularly reports Port Scans and hopefully provides some isolation. Once upon a weak moment an Email purporting to be from PayPal stampeded me into clicking on a "PayPal" address. The AV actually halted the procedure and questioned the legitimacy of the link. The link proved to be bogus. Whilst most of the above has little bearing on the performance of FSX and an AV, I certainly support the use of such apps and my Sim and its many attachments appears to run fine with the AV.
  10. A user mentioned that the propellers exceeded 2000 rpm. I have dug about and applied this little alteration to the AC.cfg file.
  11. VSP4264, There are many LET410 variants of the original aircraft. The one I used has no tip tanks and has no problems with the cockpit lights. The one with tip tanks appears to have problems with the lights. I have no solution for that problem. I fly my LET regularly but I do no more work on it. I will see if I can upload my current LET 410 to the AVSIM library as I notice that my old upload has vanished. My mistake! I found my old upload!!! :smile:
  12. Persistence pays off !!!. A Picture of my local commuter airline livery.
  13. Alas! The paintkit mentioned in the last note is for an AI aircraft, the Pannon Team paintkit ( For Photoshop) for my version of LET remains elusive !. Back to the search!!
  14. Mslim, After enquiries on FSDeveloper, Heretic pointed me towards the Avsim library. A LET 410 repaint folder is available at FS2004--AC repaints,textures and mods. There are lots of LETs and the one I am testing is: let_410_paintkit.zip. If you care to dabble this could be the way to go. I am going to attempt to create my local CityWing livery. Hope this helps. dozybee
  15. For those with an interest in the download mentioned in the above blogs---------38297-PWDT-L410UVP.zip (Let 410 ) I have found and repaired the hydraulic gauges on the VC3 cockpit. Download the 3 files, remove the .txt and append .xml and replace the old ones (Usual precautions!!) in the --Panel, 410GAU, part of the AC folder. The panel.cfg should be ok as is. I have also used some spare panel lights to indicate the ok state. Good Luck! dozybee
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