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  1. Guys If you have the disc from version 10 in your drive it won't allow the demo to install. Just ejected the disc, downloading the demo now.
  2. To beta test X-Plane 11, download the installer. You can try X-Plane 11 as a demo, or use your X-Plane 10+11 product key to install the full version. If you need help, the X-Plane 11 manual is available online or in the Instructions folder of your X-Plane 11 install.
  3. It doesn't give me the option to continue unless I put in the product key. Maybe I'm missing something?
  4. It's asking for the product key. Is this only for those that have pre-purchased XPlane 11.
  5. My two main concerns/wishes are: Can we please get rid of the fog of war and the ring of clouds! Are these things going to be fixed in version 10 or do we have to wait for version 11? I can live with the empty buildings at airports and poor sound.
  6. I had a similar problem with my PFC yoke. Several axis were red but functional. I don't use the throttle axis since I use a separate throttle setup and because of this I didn't calibrate it. Once I did calibrate the axis all of my axis turned green. Try calibrating all axis even if their not being used and see if that fixes your problem. It didn't matter which plane I had loaded. I hope this helps as it a easy thing to check. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  7. CurtisB, on 31 October 2011 - 05:19 PM, said:All very funny, but not to helpful.If you don't like the "realistic" sound, you can copy one of the other sound files from FSXSound directory e.g. cmtouch1.wav, rename and place it in the FSXSoundPMDG737NGXVarious directory, as I did. Consider backing up the original, PMDG_737_Touchdown.wav, before replacing it in case you decide that real is better than pleasing! Jeff Johnson (RWS)Jeff I took your advice and switched wav files. That's the help I was looking for. Thank you very much!Curtis Beadle
  8. Thanks to all who posted responses, I will have to work on my landings.
  9. Is anyone else having this problem. When I land the sound at touchdown sounds like glass breaking.This started after SP1, all other sounds are fine. I uninstalled FSX and did a complete reinstall of all myFSX addons and the problem hasn't changed. Anyone have any ideas? I haven't submitted a ticket yet,hoping someone else has had the same problem and can help me.I7 860 (3.6ghz)Windows 7 64bitCurtis Beadle
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