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  1. Thanks for answer. Excellent, I will do so. Ok, I stop all the questions on the model. After adding a manual start learning Dale Carnegie excellent book called "How to Make Friends and Influence People". This book will teach more adequately respond to the greetings, gratitude and good wishes. Your response is not required (prepared above). I wish you success. PS: If leaving only manual - congratulations to the end of work.
  2. Hello Bjoern . In the Avsim library is available airplane model DC- 7 for FS2004 / FSX (with name of the archive "dc7c-kmtggc.zip"), which contains old and no colored weather radar. I liked this weather radar model, it works well. It is a little similar to some others which were installed on 732). What about to install that wx radar into Your model into Your model of 732? So that it was like those which was set, of course. Now I have not the opportunity to try to install this wx radar... Now all. Thanks for answer. Best Regards.
  3. No more any questions. Thank You very much for Your attention. Best Regards!
  4. Hello Bjoern. pardon me if not to time... Tell me please, do You like legendary MD-82? Are You interested by MD-82? If You have interes about model of MD-82 please look at here: http://www.avsimrus.com/f/fs2004-aircrafts-40/mcdonnell-douglas-md-81-md-82-3118.html?action=download&hl= This model contain VC, but no equipment in the pilot cabin. At flightsim*com placed better panel for MD-82 from Lonny Payne(name 'flightdeckmd-80sga.zip' or 'flightdeckmd-80jca.zip'), with a simple model of CDU. Tell me please- can You make integration MD-82(Mitsushi Yutaka, Warren C. Daniel, and Peefunk) with panel from Lonny Payne and make Your improvements(glasses, icing as example) into new installation of model? Especially in to VC, note please... For Msfs2004 and FG flight sim. I`m not modeller of aircrafts and I can not make correct integration My questions is only questions, not more, and of course for You to decide. I only want to know Your answer. Thats all. Thank You. Best Regards!
  5. well, as I understand You are not want create Your Boeing model for newest 3D planetary engine, which name "Outerra"?(look Outerra.com) I understood You correctly?
  6. Hello again. It looking better, thank You(!). More real shadow and glass in pilot`s cabin want to see with better quality(or I can`t understand anything?) by separate mdl file. May I to know- what are You think about convert Your work(by You) in Outerra? (Outerra*com) Nice to see Your BBJ(i.e. "Bjoern`s Boeing" ) in to beautiful Outerra(!!). What`s Your opinion? Regards.
  7. MsFS2004 is incorruptible flight simulator

  8. Thank You for Your work(!). To tell to truth I never see real 737-200 and his cabin, but I not sure about ice color at screen cabin window... Is they really have such color? I want noted- I seen white ice on wings mostly. Can real pilots also tell which is real color of icing on the wings and glass(and give advice)? Nice. It quite good(!), thanks.
  9. Thanks, hope at it after. Glass reflections give most real view over photo terrains, and other good things... But have not questions. Ok, it was only questions, don`t worry because of such nonsense(!). Good luck to You at all Your creative plans. That`s all...
  10. Pardon me, small correction, that is right Shadow effect perhaps can very decrease fps?
  11. I do not understood a little... There are three model of 727 for fsx which I know, with 3D cabins(at avsim.su, links do not operated) 35986-Thomas-Ruth-Boeing-727.zip , 38674-Boeing-727.zip and 13678_FSX-SP2-Boeing727-200.zip. There are several model of 727 for fs2004 without 3D cabins(at avsim.su) 37610-Boeing-727-200-chast-1.zip(part 1) , 37653-Boeing-727-200-chast-2.zip(part 2) , 24623-lanchile727100.zip(Richard Probst) , 16575_Boeing727-200SyrianAirlines.zip , B727_200_AA[1].zip and 20552-Boing-727-200.zip. Which better from them I do not know(including system also). Can You create 3D cabin for 727 100 and 727 200(two models in one archive), in fs2004(after, of course)? What do You think? PS: model in archive 38674-Boeing-727.zip have excellent glass and shadow effect in pilot cabin. Can You create same effect for Your 3D cabins into fs2004?
  12. It`s clear.. Good luck for You. Regards. PS- Do You have any plan about Richard Probst`s 727?
  13. Thanks for Your attention(!) Yes it is. Very good. Need see. Dead gnats and dirt on the windshield it`s seriously. In real flights dead bugs and dirt at the glass of the pilot`s cabin is serious problem, especially at the take- off and landing(!). For example, often a lot of gnats falling on the glass, and visibility becoming worse(sometimes very badly). From hot front glass they very stick, becoming solid and brushes and could not clear the glass... if the flight is going through rain clouds. Trust to me, I have real flight times, and I have know about it. I sure gnats effect into model will make beautiful real addition(!). Gnats effect perhaps can will appear as rain blobs. Icing effect will appear if at the glass make overlay ice textures, superimposed on the glass texture with a view of ice at low temperatures and are included in the density change with decreasing temperature. I.e. XML gauge must be(which have some fw models). No, not stupid- this is start of experiments(!). Now next: Usually real light cone very shining in root of headlights- we already have it(at screen). Thank You). After it need make as real as possible(approximately as 3D view). Let`s make this by crooked cone(may be without full illuminate in middle), or half crooked cone, or square polygons- I sure, we will see from the cabin illuminate all away! And it will: Yes it is ...with gnats effect- test it(!). PS: What about "reverser Spray effect" from reverser_spray.zip , and heat blur with smoke effect from engines of 732(approximately like at "ab_f16_.zip", "effects_747.zip" or "nicksaijetexhaust.zip")?. By the way, interesting utility placed at http://www.flightsimfirstofficer.com/ Can this apply to the model of 732?
  14. Thanks for Your attention(!) Now I preparing laconic answer about upper. Please, wait at a little .
  15. Pardon me, I want make correction: don`t say "no" now. Create at two variants- with and without icing and gnat effect. It will be quite good alternative(FW model of Yak- 40 have some icing effect, gnat effect have Cessna- Mustang by Flight1). My P4(3.06Ggz) and PT TU- 154 have good operation together, with icing effect, fps in normal for me. By the way, sometime in future Your pc will also be changed, at more power ). If together, with ordinary headlights? And as alternative two variants- with and without? What do You think?
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