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  1. I wrote something then decided to delete it you cant delete posts so i just put ...
  2. You should consider networking, only using your flight sim pc to run flight sim, and using a laptop to run other programs like active sky or any acars programs, also for browsing the Internet which I'm sure most people do. The plain and simple truth is that the flight Sims are not the memory hogs, it's not the flight sim that runs out of memory it's your computer, ive never seen my sim p3d consume more than 3 gig of its available 4 gig of memory with vector FSDT and PMDG on a 10 HR plus flight, I did however see my computer up and around 90% memory usage, then I moved alot of third party software to a laptop and networked it all, I saw my VAS usage drop a good 20-25%.
  3. Kenz Prosim didn't do it, some one made the whole ACARS interface it to use with prosim, its additional 3rd party called Prosim-UTILS that is made by Humberto Miguel. You have to download it and install it on its own, it does not come with the Prosim 737 software. It uses Hoppie's network, there is no VATSIM ACARS network.
  4. One thing I have not seen mentioned much here is what version of P3D, PMDG products will be compatible with. I've found that version 1.4 is more friendly with other FSX add on's than version 2 is, for this reason I have stuck to using 1.4 for quite some time, even thou I do own version 2, its currently waiting on me to get motivated and fit the new SSD I brought for it, which currently resides on the kitchen table! Will PMDG's products work in 1.4 as well, or am I really going to have to get motivated...
  5. I have been using P3D for some time, as with every thing I have learned about Flight sim, ive never asked any one for guidance, ive located and learned every thing my self, i see the same thing as VATSIM ATC Instructor, people want to have every thing in front of them, instead of going about finding it them self, this used to cause my assessments to go from a simple half hour test, to me having to spend the next 3 hours of my night trying to explain to the student, why they haven't passed, and why they needed to put more effort in to their own learning, this is half the reason why i always hate, "can i have a link for that" why should some one else go and get the information for you. There is nothing that needs to be modified with the scenery, the only thing is when it comes to installers, Native FSX installers are looking for a FSX installation, if they cant find it, it wont install. There are 3 options Pay money to flight sim Eastonia and get their migration tool, this is what i use Install it into FSX then copy it over to P3D Or create dummy FSX CFG's and EXE's to fool the installers into thinking you have FSX installed (the flight sim Estonia migration tool does that) FYI they also have a forum, dedicated to P3D Regards Kirk
  6. The forum you are looking for is apart of the avsim forums, there is a whole section dedicated to P3D. You don't need to use that tweaking tool, and most scenery from FSX works, you can install AI like WOAI or IVAO, or UT ect. Regards Kirk
  7. Sigh, I feel like people get soo damn lazy in forums they cant be bothered to look for themself. The thread you are after is in the same sub-forum you found this one, it is one of the 9 pinned posts. Labled: Lockheed Martin Prepar3D Development Status Thread - Updated 25OCT14. There is no need for tips on P3D, it works perfect out of the box Regards Kirk
  8. PMDG are not forcing you to move to P3D, if you don't want to pay twice for the same product don't move from FSX. How many people brought the PSS products for FS9 and are now using FSX? Are you going to ask PSS for your money back because you no longer use their product? (Naturally you can't as they closed their doors) I have paid for several products I no longer use, but the choice to change sims was mine, and that's something I have to deal with, and so will you If you choose to change. Regards Kirk
  9. For those that think they can upgrade from FSX to P3D on a discount, i've got bad news for you. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/454218-lockheed-martin-prepar3d-development-status-thread-updated-25oct14/ Regards Kirk
  10. That's funny because BAV locked P3D out of their ACARS software, so none of this info is any good for their pilots, also why I'm no longer a member of BAV. Regards Kirk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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