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  1. Danielsen

    A non standard request

    Loved it!
  2. I agree. Think about how many hours you're spending in your sim. When you buy an airplane for your sim. how many hours do you fly it? Divide that with the price and it really isn't that "expensive" when you think about it. After a while you're down to less than one US dollar per hour :wink:
  3. I think it's fairly safe to assume it will be around the base package of the 777. That's what I budget for anyway
  4. I only heard the last one, and if I remember correctly it went for $140
  5. Bought the 737 exp. for P3D just before it went down. Not even mad, I know what I'm getting since I own it for FSX already. I'll try again tomorrow, but thanks for the notice :wink:
  6. Google Translate much? It doesn't make sense Steven. But if you're asking if they will also make the Dreamlifter, I haven't seen any indications, but they could always surprise us
  7. I'd hate to inform you, that this wont be a day 1 purchase for me! :( I'm simply not home! Going to Florida tomorrow, so once I get back home on the 6th, I PROMISE I'll buy it okay?! :ph34r:
  8. Danielsen

    744v2 variations

    Personally I really only want the -400, -400F, -8i and -8F. But with that being said, I would buy everything they throw at us at this time anyway. As long as it has a PMDG stamp on it. Now where's my 737 BBJ?!
  9. Danielsen

    Buttkicker & NGX

    That's exactly what I bought Gonna be here on wednesday :dance:
  10. Danielsen

    Buttkicker & NGX

    Yeah I was about to write that yesterday as well However they don't ship to other than US and Canada. So I went for the Aura AST-2B-4 Pro Bass Shaker Tactile Transducer and the Lepai Tripath TA2020 amp. at Parts-Express. I know. Isn't the best or the right amp. for this, but I needed to buy for more than $50 to ship internationally :Waiting: Anyway, if it isn't working very well, I'll find another amp. in the stores.
  11. Danielsen

    Buttkicker & NGX

    Hey Cameron! I'm seriously tempted by the Aura. Are you using the Aura and can you recommend using two? What kind of amplifier do you use for your setup?
  12. Danielsen

    Buttkicker & NGX

    Yeah I will! I'm hooked now after watching a lot of youtube last night!
  13. Danielsen

    Buttkicker & NGX

    Thanks Richard. Very helpful! :P Guess I'm just gonna have to wait for one to show up on eBay. I even think www.thebuttkicker.com only ships within the US and Canada. Sometimes I wish I lived in the states again haha!
  14. Danielsen

    Buttkicker & NGX

    Unfortunately for me they only ship to US and Canada hehe <_<
  15. Danielsen

    Buttkicker & NGX

    How can you tell it's not a Gamer 2? The metal frame looks exactly like the one at the official website? I know it doesn't say that in the discription, but it looks like the one you got Rich?