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  1. Rob, I agree that the problem lies in some incompatibilities of 4.1 with scenarios saved under 4 but reloading the aircraft did not solve my problem (which, in my case, was that only the AFE was not working (the other windows (payload etc...) were opening and working normally), The problem disappears when the DC6 is loaded from the opening screen or when it is used in a scenario prepared and saved under 4.1. I did not see any problem with the other aircraft (PMDG and P3D native) but, on the other hand, they do not use the windows system of the DC6. Paul
  2. I have also installed 4.1. 737/747/777 seem to work OK. Some issues with the DC6: The AFE does not work (as already mentioned in this thread) and P3D crashed on exit when the flight is loaded from a saved scenario.
  3. Resolved - I did not check the "Wide-view Aspect Ratio" on (Graphics settings) in my new installation!
  4. I did a complete re staging of my computer.over the week-end Once done I came across a stange disagreement between ChasePlane and P3D (v 3.4 and v4) on the zoom level of the screen. Almost all my presets on ChasePlane are with a zoom level of 1 and the views I get on my new installation are very much was they were in my previous installation. What is strange is that the zoom level mention on the top right of the screen now no longer agree with the zoom level of chaseplane. Basically ChasePlane reads 1 while P3D reads .59 and ChasePlane is obviously right. In my previous installation, there was a agreement on the zoom level Not really a major issue but I am wondering what is going on Paul Screenshot at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3ANrMw5VqXIVmRlblRtT3c3SlE/view?usp=sharing
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