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  1. How does the key generator work? It does nothing for me.
  2. Until I see it, I will not believe it. Something tells me this is just another Microsoft Flight. Remember that? I expect to be disappointed again. I cannot understand why Microsoft would all of a sudden be interested in flight simming again. I think this new thing is just a casual flying GAME.
  3. Where can I fiind the original PMDG MD-11/F install file ? I had butI have lost it. Thanks
  4. Problem solved. I changes the Ctrl+Shift+K to Ctrl+2 and all is well, up and running.. Thanks coldhoist
  5. Using the Feelthere/Wilco E175/195 I cannot get "Otto" to take control of the Comms. Crtl-Shift-K does nothing. But I can manually respond with Comms. I do not know if this is a problem with RC4 of the Wilco aircraft itself. This is the only aircraft in my hangar that I have this problem with. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks. Win 10 Pro FSX.Gold Coldhoist
  6. I kept getting CTD because of something like "too many SODE programs running". I removed the following FSDT products--GSX, KJFK, KORD, KLAS and KDFW. I do not know if these programs were actually causing my CTDs, but I do know that since I removed those products, I have not had a problem with SODE CTD's. Those products will not be going back on my computer. Drastic yes. Unfounded, I am not sure, but it works for me.
  7. Problem solved by the solution to a font problem with the Level d 767. Fonts were missing from the FSX folder. I copied the entire Windows fonts folder to the FSX font folder. Two problems solved with one solution. Windows 10 sure makes life hard. All is good!!! James Shelton
  8. Well. I am not getting the CTD anymore. The MD-11 loads fine. But the gauges are screwed up. I have gauges but, the altitude gauge only goes up 5000ft., the heading goes 00-36. and the air speed indicator looks strange. It is like the numbers are too big. I wish i knew how to include an attachment to show a photo of the panel. James Shelton
  9. I start FSX, I choose my MD-11 and FSX crashes to the desktop. No error message, no nothing. This is the first time I have ever had this happen. What could be causing this? Thanks
  10. Problem solved!! But, I am too ashamed to tell everybody the solution. OK, I forgot that "OTTO" only takes over flying when in the air. Everything is good to go. Damn I feel like a dunce. DUH!!!! Thanks
  11. I have checked FSX for the CRTL+SHFT+M assignment and nothing in FSX uses it. I have tried other CTRL+SHFT+ combination and nothing happens. I have been simming the last month without any ATC at all. But, as a long time using of Radar Contact, i would like to be able to use it. The CTRL+SHFT+M function is important to me. If I cannot get it to work, I feel like I am not getting the most out of the product.. But, I have spent more time dealing with this problem than I have flying. I have to decide it I want to use continue with RC than this on just move on without it. I have used RC since it first came out and I never had a problem like this.
  12. I have been racking my brain and getting beyond frustrated trying to get the Key assignment Ctrl+SHFT+M to work. Assignment Ctrl+Shft+K works perfectly fine, but Ctrl+Shft+M does nothing at alI. i have tried using letters that the default FSX setting do not use and I still keep getting nothing. I am about ready to uninstall Radar Contact and move on without it. I am spending too much time on this problem. Anybody have any ideas as why Ctrl+Shft+M will not work? please help. Thanks Win 10 Pro FSX Accelleration
  13. Well I ran "Make Runways" and that got rid of the "Runtime 75" error. But, Radar Contact still will not start and it takes back to the registration screen. I put in the reg key and Radar Contact disappears.
  14. I just got my reg key. But when I copy it into Radar Contact, I get a "Runtime Error 75" message. I have not even had a chance to run Radar Contact yet. What happened?
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