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  1. Ok an update! I received a response from Balthasar - One of the feeds used by RT altered their payload data very slightly. Not enough of a difference to flag major issues with RT itself, but it did cause a hiccup between RT and PSXseecon. Balthasar has amended this and the issue is now resolved. I tested at major airports including KBOS-BOSTON and RJOO-OSAKA, everything seems back to normal - live traffic is flowing as usual. The amendment was all done server-side, so there is no requirement to download a new client. Big thanks to Nico and Balthasar! 😊 Yep, see above.
  2. Thanks - I have emailed him. Here's the email in case anyone else wants to let him know: balt@inside.net Thanks for the replies, good to know it's not just something weird on my rig. Hope this issue is temporary as I have very much enjoyed PSXT - great work Nico! Please keep this thread open, so I can report back from Balthasar when he replies. Thanks Dal
  3. Is anyone having issues with live traffic not being injected into P3D via PSX/RT (Latest versions)? I've been using PSX/RT since March this year, it's worked fine until very recently when I upgraded both PSX and RT clients to the latest versions. Here's a screenshot of what I mean: https://i.imgur.com/dgCcIpj.png In this example I'm located at Heathrow (EGLL)... plenty of live traffic showing on the RT client map, but PSX 'live' counter just shows 0, and as a result no injected air traffic (just static planes at gates). I have reinstalled both, problem is still there. I have a valid RT license, and even tried a demo 1hr license... it did not fix the issue. I noticed that when starting PSX, sometimes a small amount of live traffic does appear, but within 20 seconds its completely removed, and live counter goes back to zero?? PSX,RT,P3D are all on the same computer. My RT license expires in a month, I'm not going to renew it until I get this sorted - any ideas? Thanks Dal Singh
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