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  1. ontheair

    Tutorial #2 page 118 missing step

    thanks very much Matthias : a clear screenshot is far better than anything else
  2. ontheair

    Tutorial #2 page 118 missing step

    "In between the second and third steps here it should say:o Press the LEGS button to return to the LEGS page, where we'll set up a direct to intercept course for the extended centerlinestep 3 "....Then enter the extended runway centerline course 079 into the LSK 6R DIR INTC field..." Thanks to provide waht was missing in your tuto page 118.BTW, when doing this, have you got the DIR INTC field in the LSK6R ? From my side I haven't got any choice in the LSK6R. Can you please check ?
  3. ontheair

    Deleting saved files

    "It works fine for me, dont forget to choose the previous flight save for the default panel state on startup too" Thanks Andy but what is the right order to proceed ? From the FSX load list : 1) load the FSUIPC autosave flight and, when the flight is loaded2) load the previous flight save for the default panel state this way 1) 2) ? or the other way 2) 1) ? Just to let you know please find below the answer I got from Paul Gollnick/Manager Customer Support/Precision Manuals Development Group to my last ticket related to FSUIPC Autosave : "As outlined in the Introduction section of the manual, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND AGAINST USING FSUIPC AUTOSAVE features. The features has been known to cause both crashes and freezes with the NGX and it should be disabled whenever you use the 737NGX. AFAIK there is nothing about FSUIPC autosave feature into the NGX Intro manual
  4. ontheair

    Deleting saved files

    I do use the FSUIPC4 autosave utility but when loading an already autosaved flight sometimes it works (rare) but most of the times it does not (avionic off, black CDUs, etc..) Do you experience such an issue ? The FSUIPC4 autosave feature works fine with all of my other addons