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  1. Hi Gerald, Thank you very much for the update, sorry for the late reply, was busy in my real time job. Didn't have time lately with this. I'm still working on incorporating my company flow into the FSLAB A320, eventually I will need more switches and button to be handle by the FO, and I will definitely asked you at a later stage to allow them to be handle by the FO
  2. Hi Gerald, Fantastic. thanks a lot, I'm actually a real pilot on the A320 and I'm actually building my own flow to match my company procedures to rehearsal like you said, you got the right idea there. I love your product its so versatile, you practically can do what either you want with it. Can't wait for the update.
  3. Hi, I would like to have the copilot do an APU fire test only on the FSlabA320, is there any voice command for that? (Not all the engine fire test, just the APU fire Test). And also would like to have the copilot on my command switch off the master engine switch number one or two, is there a voice command for that too? thanks
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